Meet the Cutter

We began life as a fake football newspaper and continue to uphold the honourable tradition of making stuff up in Fake News. Please don’t sue us because we have fake children to support and a fake mortgage to maintain.

However, as with all good things – Shaun Wright-Philips aside – we have grown. The Cutter now has a genuine news section where you can find all the latest, breaking developments alongside gossip, funny stuff and Youtube clips. We also have a substantial features section that includes views, lists, reports and articles from some of the best new writers around.

Who is Daisy?

The face of Daisy for 2011 is the gorgeous Natalie Pike, a Miss British Isles and FHM High-Street Honey winner. Natalie is the perfect Daisy because she is just like this newspaper – stunningly attractive and loves her football.

Contact us

Whether it’s to tell us we’re rubbish and know less about the game than Mark Bright or if you wish to send us a rant or well-thought out article for publication you can contact the Cutter at ste.thedaisycutter@gmail.com
Alternatively you can add us on Facebook or Twitter at @thedaisycutter1

Charitable suggestions welcome

The Cutter is looking to repent from a life of Redtube and sin and get behind a charitable venture or organisation. If you have any suggestions – or indeed are involved in any such endeavour – please feel free to contact us at the above e-mail address.