Meet The Cutters

Ahsan Naeem

Ahsan once edited the music section of his University Newspaper and as such has delusions of grandeur when it comes to his writing. He follows Manchester City Football Club and is happy to ramble about most football related topics. He can be tweeted at @AhsanNaeem

Alwyn Payne

Alwyn works in womens’ clothing. He shaves at least 3 times per week, and keeps a mediocre-to-good level of bodily hygiene. He’s from Manchester and, somewhat bizarrely, supports Manchester United. He aspires to be a writer, as it’s what he iz gud at innit. If you want to contact him, follow @AlwynPayne on Twitter. Available for adult themed birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs.

Andy Robinson

With only Steve Curry and James Lawton to beat Andy Robinson is the best Football writer in the Country who is over 50. In the past three weeks, through “Daisy Cutter”, he has been in the Press and Commentary Box at The Etihad and the Players Lounge and Away” Dug out” at Old Trafford. Despite his sudden prominence he still keeps a day job as a Depot Manager in the Food Distribution Industry and just like Le Tiss stayed loyal to Southampron, Andy will never leave “The Cutter” unless a guest spot on Sunday Supplement comes up. You can’t follow him on Twitter because he only went on once to see what all the fuss was about.

Ben Barker

A recent graduate of the University of Glamorgan, Ben has a passion for sport, music and photography. An aspiring sports writer with a keen sense for all things football, he’s also partial to a bit of boxing, tennis, and women’s beach volleyball (thanks, London 2012). As a Reading fan hidden amongst South Walians, he still has nightmares about Garry Monk’s playoff final block, and dreams of becoming the English trequartista, but is more Play-Doh than playmaker. You can follow him on Twitter at @benjambarker

Ben Loder

Ben is an Aberdeen fan living in Hamburg who made the move from the north of Scotland to the north of Germany two years ago and, despite the enthralling nature of the SPL, tends to focus his writing on events past, present and future in the Bundesliga.

Bob Lethaby

After illicit affairs with Derby, Manchester United and Chelsea, Bob became a true Reading fan in 1985 though he can trace his first game back to the giant killing of the mighty Rotherham United in 1979 in the League Cup. Bob has the envious record of seeing the Royals lose in every play off final they have been involved in as well as lying prostate in shock after the big time promotions of 2006 and 2012.

Bob also has his own blog page at which is read by literally tens of fans who log in each day to read his quite frankly hilarious tales of a life in the throbbing metropolis of Basingstoke.

Chris Brookes

Chris is a Sheffield Hallam University journalism graduate and Sheffield Wednesday supporter. He set up in 2011 interviewing footballers past and present, but with the fresh spin of discussing music with them, securing interviews with many reputable names within the male and female game including Holland’s 2010 World Cup Final captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

Colin Savage

Colin is a Manchester City fan who should be old enough to know better. He has appeared on TV & radio and also writes regularly for City fanzine King of the Kippax, mainly on serious stuff like financial & political issues but he once cracked a joke about Carlos Tevez. Follow him on Twitter @PrestwichBlue

Conor McStay

Conor is a History Student at the University of Manchester and when he’s not writing pointless history essays or dominating Football Manager careers, he’ll happily contribute to any blog that needs writers. A lifelong Juventus fan, he also enjoys MLS and the Russian Premier League, but can hold a conversation on more leagues beyond this. He also hold the record for the highest sex appeal level generated by wearing a neckwarmer and leggings. Follow him on Twitter @conormcstay92

Dan Shoesmith

Dan is the resident football geek and/or pedant on the 3for3 podcast ( and writer of trivia-based football blogs for The Daisy Cutter. He supports West Ham and wept like a child after the 2006 FA Cup Final. He also spends far too much time attempting to be funny on Twitter, with (almost exclusively) horrendous results!/BigDan_83

Dan Widdowson

Dan is an undergraduate history student at the University of Nottingham and a dedicated Nottingham Forest supporter. Having contributed to the Cutter since mid-2011 his work mainly focuses around the turbulent times that come with being a Forest fan, however he has also written pieces related to the use of Twitter, manager’s dress sense and various other ramblings.

Dan Radley

Dan is a current sport student at university and part time football writer. He’s a life-long Liverpool fan and self confessed Football Manager addict.

Daniel Snowden

Daniel writes about South American finance for a living and football for fun. An Arsenal fan since birth, the stress of following his team has forced him to lose his hair before the age of 30. Previous awards include winner of the “Vinne Jones Award For Fair Play” and “Edison Arantes do Nascimento Award For Miss Of The Season”. Running the London Marathon to raise money for The Willow Foundation, his running blog is at

David Sweeney

Despite his boyish good looks David Sweeney is a 21 year old student who will soon graduate from the fine establishment that is the University of Sheffield. Hailing from Manchester it is hardly a surprise that he supports City and has a great passion for all Manchester music, except of course Simply Red. Nobody likes Simply Red. When he isn’t busy losing his passport in Lisbon or frittering away his days dominating on Fifa12 David writes weekly ‘Monday Maulings’ for ‘The Cutter’, makes betting predictions with limited success for and rants about City for He also tweets here @sweeneymcfc and he can be contacted through here Believe it or not he would love to hear from you, especially if you want to give him a job.

David Triggs

David is 17 years old and currently studying AS Levels at college. He has a huge interest in all sports but especially football, and is a season-ticket holder at Bury Football Club. He’s been writing for the Cutter since early 2012. Feel free to follow me on Twitter

Ian Wilson

Ian is an experienced Senior Marketing professional and also the editor of Vital Norwich website. He is a freelance writer with particular interest in sport, motors and economics. He lives just outside the fine city of Norwich with his wife and toddler son. You can follow Ian on Twitter at @savvy_monkey

James Oddy

James is a 21 year old care worker and soon to be Leeds city museum `visitor assistant`, who finds escape from the monotony of his life by writing about sport. He supports Leeds united, and after visiting FC ST Pauli, has been attempting to watch as much German football in person as he can afford. He also firmly believes that life and death are much more important than football.

Jamie Whitehead

Jamie lives for no reason other than to see Aston Villa win the FA Cup. Something that could potentially be a rather long wait. He is one half and easily in the top two of the list-based podcast 3For3 and his writing credits include Late Tackle and a million fanzines you’ve never heard of.

If you see him at a ground and buy him a pint, he’ll write an article about you confirming you are a better player than Justin Edinborough, you just never got discovered. He has Greame Souness on speed dial, so you never know your luck.

Follow 3For3 on Twitter at @3For3_ and check out the podcast itself on


James Willis

As a Spurs fan from Watford, James is constantly dodging the “why not Watford?” question like a pro. It’s this kind of lingual agility that has convinced James he has the ability to write about sport, despite making most of it up as he goes along. If you enjoy delving into the lives of complete strangers, you can follow him on twitter here (@jwillis50).

Joe Hill

Joe juggles gainful employment as a Government spreadsheet-jockey with amateur film criticism at Though he pretends not to like football any more, he files occasional features and fake news for The Daisy Cutter and half-heartedly follows Nottingham Forest. Follow him on Twitter on @MultiplexSlut

Joe Snee

A Manchester United fan who isn’t bias? Surely not? Joe lives in Mayo, Ireland, but was born and raised in London. With this, he holds an advantage of being able to see things from both sides of the water, trying his best not to rant too much about both national teams and the fans involved. He can be found at his blog, which is available at or rambling on Twitter at @joe_snee

Keith Wildman

Keith is a Bradford City supporter whose drinking has increased in direct proportion to City’s slide down the leagues. Enjoys real ale, clothes, footwear and country walks. Dislikes garlic. Can be found among other places on @keithwildman or Sabotage Times.

Kevin Henning

Kevin has supported Manchester City since the greatest ever conference was held in the playground of a Salford primary school in 1988. He has been writing for the Daisy Cutter since the glorious summer of 2011 and chips in with the odd article for Tangled Up In Blue. He is trying to bring Morris Dancing back to the masses by performing in front of packed stadiums. Should you wish to contact Kevin it would be easier to do it through the Daisy Cutter due to his incurable obsession with MCFC forum Bluemoon. Henning is the current undefeated Champion of the Parents’ Egg & Spoon Race.

Liam McConville

Liam is 19 and supports Liverpool although he occasionally goes to see his local team Doncaster Rovers. He generally likes to write opinion pieces and features that focuses on the bigger picture.

You can follow Liam on Twitter at @McConville92

Luke Irelan-Hill

Luke is a trainee journalist at the University of Portsmouth. He has a passion for writing and sport, especially football and cricket for which he can ramble for hours. He is also a qualified football referee and can be followed on twitter: @lukey868 where all thoughts (if any good) are his own.

Mike Forrest

Mike is a poor football player, rubbish at Football Manager, atrocious at Fifa yet still an aspiring football journalist! He likes to think he knows everything Fulham and often sticks his nose in at other clubs too. Find him on Twitter at @mikefstfulham

Mike Slaughter

Mike is 21 and is currently in the final year of a French degree. He also presents the Liquorice Allsports show Saturdays from 3-6pm on CSR 97.4fm in Canterbury and on He tends to write about Italian football, but occasionally branches out to cover other nations as well. Mike supports Manchester United, but tries to support one team in every country – Roma in Italy, Marseille in France etc – so as to keep things interesting in each league.

Noel Draper

Noel has delusions of grandeur and currently resides in a small, one bedroomed mansion just off the A6. In his spare time he likes to cook, clean and watch daytime television. He has supported loads of football teams including West Ham and Bolton before settling on Manchester City mainly because of the money. Happy now Tim you bastard? You can tweet Noel at @TheRealNDraper

Richard Brook

Richard Brook is a married, 30 year old, serial brainwasher of children to the ways of Sheffield Wednesday and a former music journalist, who previously wrote for internationally available heavy metal magazine Zero Tolerance. He has recently begun writing on the subject of football. He is particularly proud of his first piece for the Daisy Cutter in defence of Gary Megson, following his sacking from Wednesday, as Megson was living out the fan-turned-manager dream Richard has been fantasising about on well known PC games for the past couple of decades. Richard can be found spouting rubbish on twitter @rjb81media1 alternatively please feel free to email him at , or visit his website

Rob Ward

Rob finances his literary habit by teaching children English. He rarely attends the football matches he writes about and often pays to watch the films he reviews. As a child he never imagined it would be this way. You can read his fantastic blog at or follow him on Facebook at Here’s Tom With The Weather or Twitter at Here’s Tom @ the Movies

Rob Wilson

Rob is 17 and has been a Man City fan since he was four and witnessed Paul Dickov’s injury-time equaliser against Gilligham. It paid his fare for the rollercoaster ride he’s still on. Having been a seasoncard holder since 2003 he can truthfully claim he was there ‘when we were shit’ and aims to carry on no matter which direction the club goes in. He has contributed a wide range of articles ranging from a reluctant tribute to Alex Ferguson to defending the F.A’s decision to ban Vincent Kompany for four games. On the side he’s just a normal teenager that happens to have a music blog You can follow Rob on Twitter at @Rob_Fell_Over

Rollercoaster Ranger (Simon)

As a dyed in the wool QPR supporter Simon has run the whole gambit of emotions following his team and his moniker reflects this. Since his introduction to the Hoops, captained with style and grace by Terry Venables in the early 70s with the most impressive and inventive range of free kicks ever seen in this country, there has never been a dull moment. As Simon says “I’m very confident in saying that if you think that your team has had a rough ride, we have had it rougher. If you think that your team has had a painful existence, ours has been more painful. If you think that you team has been more successful, you are undoubtedly right.” His ace musings can be found here

Steven S

Steven S is a single father, film Snob, failed musician, football scribbler and Arsenal sufferer. Part Man, part machine he is a 36 year old writer from South of the Rotten Thames in Londinium, hailing originally from East London before securing isolation in the real home of the Gunners. The Saturday Review has become a regular feature on the Cutter, the mastermind of Steven and executed with the finesse of Dr Evil. He also runs a film review site, which covers foreign, indie and obscure movies from across the globe.

If you want to shout any abuse or laugh at his writing, far too much of Steven can be found at: or follow him on twitter at @filmscopedotnet

Stuart Saint

Stuart Saint is a 25 year old life-long Burscough and Manchester United fan, currently living in Preston, Republic of Lancashire. He has been writing for eight years, and has written extensively on music, football, literature, politics, criminal justice, ice hockey, and rugby league, and has had work published in academic journals, local print media and a variety of online outlets. Stuart is currently a contributor to the EspyRock websites, and is one of the editors of the Twigs and Apples zine.

Susan Jardine

Follow Susan on Twitter (@northeastdiva)

Tom Exelby

Tom is a 21 year old dirty student at Leeds Met.
Likes: Middlesbrough F.C
Hates: Racism
Feel free to contact him with constructive or brutal criticism on: