Following MP John Hemming’s disclosure yesterday in the House of Commons concerning the player of whom Bobby Charlton recently said ‘I don’t know what he’s putting in his tea but he’s been at his peak again this season’ Chris Hodgson offers us his take on the matter…..

In these crazy times of super-injunctions, we all have to be very careful in what we say.  Even on Facebook or

Twitter.  Social network sites play a huge part in the lives of most people, celebrities included, which makes the latest

Scandal hard to swallow.  If celebrities are happy for us to know what they eat for breakfast, or what they are watching

Right now on TV, then they can’t complain if we find out things about them that WE would find interesting.  Now, I hear

You say that any person should be able to choose what the public know about them, but why should that be the case?

All day, every day, we hear from footballers, singers, actors, politicians, all telling us that they are watching Top Gear,

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, or Have I Got News For You on the BBC, but as soon as the BBC or SKY, newspapers like The

Guardian, The Telegraph or tabloids, tell YOU what THEY are doing – well they’re not best pleased.  Well tough.  Deal with

It.  I for one couldn’t care less which footballer is sticking it to which reality TV ‘star’, or which Tory MP has been outed as

Gay.  But in the public eye, if you make your huge amounts of money from the British public, we have a right to know.

Go out and get super-injunctions.  Go out and gag all the newspapers and media stations.  Just remember.  We talk, and

Sooner or later, we will all know anyway…

by Chris Hodgson