Edin Dzeko v Phil Jagielka

The last time the barnstorming Bosnian featured in Match-Up of the Day he was due to face one of the best shadowing centre-backs in the business – Spurs’ Michael Dawson. We said how he fared would prove a useful yardstick for how much he has progressed thus far and possibly even define his season. Four goals later, including a ‘perfect’ hat-trick it’s fair to say Dzeko can look forward to the months ahead with relish.

He will struggle to get much change out of Jagielka however and certainly won’t enjoy the freedom of the penalty area he was afforded at the Lane.

Yaya Toure v Jack Rodwell

A good fair scrap this one. Both aren’t the fastest over the first ten yards but build up quite a head of steam once they get going; both are tall and athletic players; and both sadly have a tendency to dip in and out of games.

For today’s fixture young Jack will be expected to ‘sit’ more than usual alongside the freaky-haired Fellaini but will always be looking to drift late into the box like he did against West Brom mid-week (only to spurn a golden opportunity for a last-ditch winner). He will also be hoping to outshine Gareth Barry and show he is capable of one day taking over the reins as England’s midfield link-man.

Yaya needs to replicate his Napoli performance here and get involved at every opportunity. Against Everton – more so than any other team – the game is won or lost in the centre of the park.

The entire Manchester City back-line v Tim Cahill

Cahill ghosts in and scores with a free header before running across to shadow-box with a corner flag. That’s pretty much been the recurring story of the past couple of years in this fixture.

When a Blue Moon forum member discovered that some players visit the site here is what he posted (reproduced with his kind permission).

This is Tim Cahill. Take a good look you bloody muppets. Commit him to memory. THIS IS TIM CAHILL.


– .. — / -.-. .- …. .. .-.. .-..



He’s in this picture. If you can pick him out, proceed. Otherwise it’s back to the top of the page for you and try again.