There are times in football when club allegiance becomes irrelevant. This is one such occasion. Plymouth Argyle – a 125 year stalwart of the English game – is teetering on the very brink of existence. Last Friday it took the threat of a player’s strike to ensure that 40% of their wages will be met for the month of September but this was merely a short-term victory for a club whose very survival is a daily battle.

Until the complicated takeover involving Bishop International Limited is completed then fans will continue their campsite vigil outside Home Park and be fearful that every time they turn on their televisions or go online they might learnt that their club – their compass and heartbeat – has folded forever.

The Cutter has teamed up with the Green Taverners, a supporters group who have gone above and beyond their call of duty in a bid to ensure the Pilgrims stay afloat.

This is their official statement –

As you will have heard the plight of PAFC over the last few months, has meant the players and staff have not been paid fully for months, during this time Green Taverners have supported the non playing staff by raising money to help them pay some of the bills.We have done this through bucket collections, fun days, pre match events, and evening entertainment events.

Another way we have done this is through auctioning football memorabilia, and this is where you can help, do you have any football memorabilia you could donate to Green Taverners for some upcoming events, where we can auction this off to raise money to help the staff.

You can contact Mark on

You can also donate money to the Green Taverners by going to their website:

On September 23rd Brighton fans will be decked out in green and white for their fixture v Leeds which will take place in front of the Sky cameras.

On September 24th supporters from all over the country will be embarking upon Home Park to watch Plymouth take on Macclesfield in a show of solidarity. Please see Youtube clip below.

Please help in whatever way you can. Until their future is secured we are all marching with the green army.