Every so often a website springs up of such brilliance it’s immediately bookmarked. This was certainly the case when the Cutter stumbled upon 500 Reasons To Love Football http://500reasonstolovefootball.blogspot.com/view/classic a blog that has the simple but fantastic concept of looking beyond the high-profile glories and charting instead the less obvious details that make up football’s rich pageant. From the daft to the wonderful each day a new reason is proffered and though there is still some way to go (they are currently on 170) we thought we’d share some of our favourite moments so far.

No 165/ Pele sweats a love-heart.


No 143/ Kids stood on dug-out roofs.

No 139/ Joe Jordan wearing his AC Milan Pooh Jeans top

No 127/ Subbuteo streaker set

No 93/ The best football stand in the world.

No 56/ ITV’s magnificent theme tune for Mexico ’86.

No 42/ Jossy’s Giants.

No 37/ The stand at Wellesley Road, home of Great Yarmouth Town, being this beautiful.

No 28/ A centre-back with his dog.

No 3/ Shoot league ladders.