Funny, gorgeous, down to earth and loves her football…when the Cutter was looking for someone to ‘be’ Daisy there was only one person on our wish-list. Thankfully Natalie Pike, a Miss British Isles and FHM High-Street Honey winner, kindly obliged. We asked Natalie about her love for Man City and what it feels like to be the face of Britain’s best football newspaper….

Daisy Cutter: How long have you been a Blue and were you ever tempted by the ‘dark side’?

Natalie: I went to my first City game when I was about 10, so 18 years. I’ve had my season ticket for 14 of those. Ha never tempted; I was born in Edinburgh and my family moved to Manchester when I was 10. We lived in Wythenshawe so naturally I was always going to be blue. Rather be dead than red haha

What do you think City can achieve this season?

Now we have broken the trophy duck I honestly believe we can mount a respectable charge on all 4 trophies. I think we can progress through our group in the Champs League and then get to the semis which would be an unbelievable first season. It’s clearly between us and them for the league and gosh I never thought I would say that! I would be happy with a couple of trophies!!

Who is your all-time favourite City player?

Shaun Goater easily. Always will be. For me he is everything City is to me.

Your favourite moment as a blue?

Even after last year it’s still the ‘99 Play-Off final. I was 16 and I had my hair in blue ribbons. I was wearing  blue nail varnish and blue lipstick and had on the bright yellow away shirt. I actually wore that shirt to the FA Cup final. It’s got a great Wembley record!

Have you ever had a crush on a player? My man-crush on David Silva will take some beating.

Ha I have one now on Aguero! He has single handily dragged the average rating of the players from a 4 to a 7. If only he wasn’t married!

I actually wore that shirt to the FA Cup final. It’s got a great Wembley record!

Can you solve one of life’s biggest conundrums….when you go into a chippy do you ask for a muffin or a barm?

Obviously a barm. Wow a muffin is a cake. They do great muffins in the stadium btw!

In May you raised nearly three thousand pounds for the Wellspring Centre in Stockport by completing the Great Manchester Run. That’s impressive enough but you did so only 24 hours after seeing City lift the FA Cup. How was the hangover that day?

Haha awful! I had a t-shirt printed saying ‘I know I am running slow but I am hungover as city won the FA Cup’. I had it done the week before the final so thank God I didn’t jinx us.

How does it feel to be the face of Daisy?

The proudest moment of my life! Sod the cover of FHM!

In 2009 you went from being in front of the camera to bringing through future models with your own modelling school. What does this involve?

Well I was always getting so many messages from girls wanting to know how to get into modeling that I thought there was a business in it! I would take groups of aspiring models to Spain, we would stay in a villa with a professional photographer and make-up artist and I would teach them. It was great fun. I gave it and all my modeling up last year though. I just woke up one day and decided my time was done.

Finally, you support City, one of your favourite films is Star Wars….will you marry me? We could raise lots of little Cutters.

Depends, are you any good at foot rubs?

I’m off for a lie-down to recover from that last answer and the shock of signing Owen Hargreaves

In Bobby we trust x