Lionel Messi says he is still waiting for a DVD with highlights of Pele’s career that the Brazilian legend recently promised him after the diminutive Argentine genius admitted that he had never seen him in action.

“I would love to see Pele in action, but he still hasn’t sent me the DVD of his goals,” Messi told France Football.

Two things strike us as being a bit odd about this no matter how light-hearted the  Barcelona maestro is being.

1/ That Messi has never before seen any clips of the most famous footballer of all time.

2/ That the multi-millionaire superstar cannot afford to shell out £3.99 at

Either way we’re only too happy to help Lionel.

Lastly, how could be omit this beauty. Legend has it that John Sturges the director required several ‘pick-ups’ of the bicycle kick and Pele duly obliged every single time, not only executing it in exactly the same fashion, but scoring too.