by David Sweeney

This weekend saw former Red Wes Brown boost United’s title chance with a catastrophic own goal. We also saw why despite Pele being an unbelievably talented footballer his views on the game are better kept to himself. We ask what is wrong with Andy Carroll and, worry not folks, the weekly Blackburn bashing continues


Brazil legend Pele last week celebrated his 71st birthday by making bold claims that characteristically could only have come from the Brazilian’s mouth. He branded the brilliant Barcelona god Lionel Messi as an “incomplete” player, claiming that he could not use his head. Well Pele take a look at the little Argentines header against Manchester United in the Champions League final in 2009 and then tell me he can’t head a football.

Always eager to talk up his own achievements he then went on to state ‘I played football for 20 years, Messi has only played for several years.” While that may be true old Pele is forgetting Messi is only 24 years old so for him to have played at the top level for 20 years would have been nigh impossible.

And when I say the top level I mean the top level; Messi has singlehandedly won Champions League as well as domestic titles in Spain, one of the world finest leagues. Pele on the other hand only graced the Brazilian League and then the MLS towards the back end of his career. Hardly as impressive as the mindboggling Messi.

Only time will tell as to whether Messi can have a similar impact on a World Cup as Pele did but at 24 and with players such as Aguero and Tevez to accompany him the little Argentinian has a great chance not only to match the big mouthed Brazilian but completely eclipse him and potentially match fellow countryman Diego Maradona in terms of footballing greatness.

For the time being Pele should learn to keep his mouth shut before he comes out with any more terrible footballing predictions which have already seen such gems as African teams will rule the world by the year 2000. Nicky Barmby and Nicky Butt being compared to Zidane, Ronaldo and Maldini and who could ever forget the classic that his beloved Brazil will fail to get out of the group stages in the 2002 World Cup – not only did they successfully qualify, they went on to win the whole tournament. Cheers Pele.

Pele puts in golden foot in his mouth once again

Blackburn Rovers

This week the crazy Venkys, owners of beleaguered Blackburn Rovers, took a step which can only further alienate themselves from the paying public that are unfortunate enough to support the Lancashire club by banning any protests against their confusing choice of manager Steve Kean.

The ban is a disgrace; it contradicts the paying public’s right to air their views the best way they see fit. The fans are not inappropriately offending anybody and they are not causing criminal damage – they are merely trying their best to do what they believe is the best thing for Blackburn Rovers.

Cunning Rovers fans found a way around the Venky’s ban on protests against manager Steve Kean at Ewood Park impressively arranging for a plane to fly over the ground, displaying a ‘STEVE KEAN OUT’ message.

After yet another home defeat Kean claimed not to have noticed the small plane that soared over Ewood Park, its not the only thing he has failed to notice as he seems completely oblivious to the fact that his team are quite frankly rubbish. Rovers are cemented in the relegation zone whilst Kean constantly praises his underperforming players.

It’s clear the fans do not want Kean to lead the club and its not hard to see surely now it is time for the Chicken mad Venkys to put Kean out of both his and my misery and sack the Scot as soon as possible.

Andy Carroll

This week Liverpool could not find a way to beat newly promoted Swansea at home, strange as I was sure this year would be the one that brought the Premier League title back to where it belongs, that wonderful placed steeped in so much ‘istreeeee: Anfield. Well thankfully I’m not as deluded as the red half of Merseyside who are still waiting, hoping and praying that their ‘golden boy’ Andy Carroll comes good and helps take them back to the promised land.

Andy Carroll, the most expensive British player EVER still does not sound right.

You would think a rollicking from the national team manager concerning Carroll’s poor fitness would give the big man the kickstart he needed to shape up, slim down and start scoring. However the dark reality is that none of these things have or look likely to happen.

With Liverpool seemingly basing their ludicrous summer spending around the big Geordie lump, the lack of goals, work rate and general fitness must be a massive concern for Kenny Dalglish who has potentially made the biggest mistake of his managerial career by gambling on the vastly overpriced forward.

The striker has netted only 2 league goals this season and plays like somebody whose confidence is at an all time low. His embarrassing miss yesterday cost his side a crucial three points and with the immensely talented Luis Suarez seemingly unable to play alongside the Newcastle born forward then the only viable option is to leave the overpriced former predator out.

Andy Carroll, the most expensive British player EVER still does not sound right. For the same 35 millions spent on Sergio Aguero it’s not hard for any sane football fan to see that Liverpool have been well and truly stitched up by signing this blundering buffoon.

Wes Brown

Wes Brown returned to Old Trafford with his new club Sunderland to face the team he spent his entire playing career at until he made his summer switch to the Stadium of Light. It was a far from happy return for the Manchester born defender who inexplicably headed the ball past the brilliant Kieron Westwood into his own net which netted United a fortunate three points.

Brown’s shambolic intervention was both avoidable and foolish; he appeared to close his eyes and hope for the best at completely the wrong time despite under very little pressure from Danny Welbeck. It must be said that since his move to Wearside this kind of mistake has been completely out of character as Brown has reinvigorated his previously stalling career by putting in fine performances filled with last ditch tackles and brave blocks but for the lack of concentration resulting in such a silly gift of a goal Brown receives a mauling.

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