David Silva

Magnificent last season Merlin has discovered even greater heights of excellence this term now that he has play-mates in Aguero and Nasri. His supernatural awareness never fails to astonish and his ball retention and distribution is up there with the true greats. Provides Silva service for the new stylish City, the magical Spaniard has lit up the Prem with the same dazzling intensity as Henry or Bergkamp.

Robin Van Persie

It’s tempting to think that Van Persie has been in sensational form this season. Not true. He’s been tearing defences a new one since he returned from injury way back in January. His recent pen against Villa equalled Henry’s feat of bagging 34 goals in a calendar year but it’s not just the quantity that amazes; it’s the quality and variety of his strikes that sets him apart from his Prem peers.

Wayne Rooney

Extremely disappointing in 2010 and seemingly stuck in a prolonged slump Rooney turned it all around at the start of this year and has been routinely superb ever since. When he’s at his brilliant best there are few players better at finding space, turning, and unleashing hell. When everything clicks – and this has happened more times than not this year – Rooney is a one-man army.

Scott Parker

Why United, Arsenal or Liverpool didn’t swoop for this reliably brilliant all-action dynamo remains a baffling mystery. Collected more MotM awards in 2011 than Eamonn Holmes had hot dinners.

Ashley Cole

No Vidic? No Kompany? The begrudging fact is that loveable Cashley is the only defender from last season’s PFA Team of the Year who has maintained his exceptional high standards this term. Let’s face it, he’s been consistently superb now for years.


Fernando Torres

Sold his soul for a bag of silver. Every time he scuff a harmless shot miles wide karma smiles.

Ryan Giggs

Safe to say that his role model image is now forever tarnished. Throwing your mistress to the wolves and sleeping with your brother’s wife tends to do that.

John Terry

Possesses the morals of a snake, has the class of that bin man who won the Lotto, and possibly share the same world-view as Alf Garnett. The fact that this odious creature is our national captain shames us all.

Sepp Blatter

Regularly drags football into the gutter as if it’s a soggy clump of loo-roll attached to a tramp’s shoe.

Mark Clattenburg

Is there a worse referee out there? A small pathetic man in every sense with a whistle and a God-complex.


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