The votes have been counted, the winners informed, and all but one of them have replied with ‘I’m flattered but Daisy who?’ Ladies and gentleman it’s the 2011 Daisies as chosen by all you lovely people (and some Twittering Reds…)

Best Player – Robin Van Persie

Other nominees –

David Silva

Wayne Rooney

Scott Parker

Ashley Cole

This was a neck-and-neck affair with Manchester City’s Spanish Merlin that went right to the wire but ultimately it was the Gunner who triumphed and perhaps rightly so – he has arguably been more consistently excellent over the whole year.

In fact, since his return from injury on January 3rd, the Dutchman has been little short of sensational, scoring for fun and providing Arsenal with a much-needed end product.

If you’re wondering what that silver thing is Robin that’s winging its way to you through the post it’s called a trophy. A much-deserved one no less.

Biggest Villain – Mark Clattenburg

Other scoundrels –

Fernando Torres

Ryan Giggs

Sepp Blatter

John Terry

When you beat a man who has dragged the global image of football through the gutter, a judas, a philanderer and alleged racist, and a scumbag who enjoyed a long-running affair with his brother’s wife and all you’ve done is your job then it’s surely time to hang up the whistle and seek alternative employment.

Clattenburg is to refereeing what Suarez is to race relations.

Best team – Barcelona

Other nominees –


AFC Wimbledon

Manchester City

Shamrock Rovers

Guardiola’s men have taken club football to previously unexplored territories and in Messi they possess a player of such majesty we will be telling our grandchildren about him in whispered tones. Just like on the pitch the other teams didn’t stand a chance here though it’s worth noting that Shamrock got a decent return of the votes.

Best Goal – Wayne Rooney vs Man City

Other nominees –

Robin Van Persie v Everton

Bloody Reds following the Cutter on Twitter and voting in numbers to get a flukey ‘shinner’ from a barely-evolved ape as the best goal. Maybe if I just tweak the count? I mean who would know?….woah, was I thinking that to myself or did I just type it on here? Shit, everyone can see what I’m thinking. Don’t think of Heather from Eastenders in just her underwear…fuck, too late!

Yeah Wooney won. Let’s move on….

Best Game – Newcastle 4 – Arsenal 4

Other nominees –

Man Utd 1 Man City 6

Chelsea 3 Aston Villa 3

Stoke 5 Bolton 0

Inter Milan 2 Schalke 5

Napoli 4 Lazio 3

Could there be any other? Admittedly the destruction at Old Trafford ran it close and the Serie A goal-fest in Sicily was excitement personified but this February encounter at St James’ Park bordered on the surreal. After half an hour the home side were four goals down and Arsenal were still in the title race. Sixty minutes later a nation was gobsmacked, Wenger had descended into madness while the Toon Army were crushing their naked beer-bellies against each other in pure unadulterated ecstasy.

Most Jaw-Dropping Moment – Billy Sharp dedicates goal to son

Other nominees –

Tevez refuses to come off bench

River Plate are relegated

Torres signs for Chelsea

Keys and Gray ‘smash it’

Sentiment understandably decided this one and how could it not? Sharp’s immense bravery at turning out for Donny Rovers just days after the tragic passing of his baby son humbled us all. His early goal in the game against Middlesbrough and the simple, heartbreaking t-shirt message of ‘That’s For You Son’ transcended every soundbite usually attributed to an impressive deed in sport. It inspired and awed.