by Danel Widdowson

My plan was to produce an article on the Derby vs Forest match, scheduled to take place Sunday 5th 2012. A big local derby for both clubs, full of pride, passion, the usual contentious decisions and more often than not some form of major controversy.

However, the ‘big’ match was cast into a shadow and frankly seems insignificant after the events and announcements of Saturday. The club issued a statement Saturday afternoon; one of those statements all football fans read and immediately turn cold. This one: “It is with enormous sadness that Nottingham Forest announce the death of the club’s owner Nigel Doughty”.
Trying to put into words the emotions felt, by Forest fans, towards Doughty is a complicated situation. Often it was a case of respect for the investment, and commitment, he put into the club. Yet, also a sense of frustration and anger towards decisions he made, and actions he took in the running of Nottingham Forest. However, Forest fans have joined united in expressing condolences towards the friends and family of Mr Doughty, and I’m sure the vast majority are saddened by the loss of the clubs owner.
What is most saddening is the abuse and torment he received during the recent weeks. People screamed for him to sell the club quickly, individuals also emailed him abusive emails with the intent to try and drive him away from the club. Further to this, Doughty, a Forest fan, never saw his Nottingham Forest promoted to the top flight of English football.
I’m sure I’m not alone when I write my thoughts and condolences go out to all the family of Nigel Doughty. I also hope there are fitting tributes at the forthcoming games. A business man to most, but ultimately a Forest fan at heart.

Rest in Peace Nigel Doughty.