All the best series have stand-alone episodes – I’m thinking The Pine Barrens in The Sopranos and Bouncer’s dream in Neighbours. Here Tom Exelby continues his weekly assessment of who is most deserving to make the England squad flying to the Euros this summer and does so in the form of a poem….

Now the season is ending its time to focus

On the 23 boarding the fabled air bus

In 96 there was Shearer, Gazza and Pearce

There all gone now but the competition’s still fierce

Parker and Gerrard, Hart and Cole

What about Crouch after THAT goal?


The Swedes and French await in group B

Here we could struggle without Wayne Rooney

Fears and worries, though, we must banish

Then pray to the Gods we avoid the Spanish

So who will be boarding our dream packed plane?

Who wants a knighthood at the start of their name?


Big egos will be dented, and left at home

Unexpected rejection letters, met with a groan

Carrick and Barry may be left in despair

Watching events from the beach in a deck chair

Who knows even Terry could join Wayne Bridge

In an ITV studio for the tournament coverage


Walcott and Wilshere have both made their case

To unpack their luggage at our Polish base

Ashley Cole and Lennon may both be small

But they can wait in their mansions expecting a call

Richards and Baines will both be there too

Battling Europe’s finest for me and for you


We have a chance, of that there’s no doubt

But to succeed we will need to knock some great teams out

So let’s cheer and support, let’s clap our hands

Show the Europeans we’re the most passionate fans

Chant and sing for the men in all white

And thank god we’re not Scottish because let’s be honest they’re ………..