This season’s vogue has been to abbreviate manager’s names. But the two most used abbreviated names of managers were also the two biggest failures. Step forward AVB and TC; or to you and me that’s ex-Chelsea manager Andre Villa Boas and soon to be ex-Wolves manager Terry Connor.

Andre Villa Boas’ tenure as Chelsea boss was doomed to failure as soon as he refused to bend over, spread his a*** cheeks and tell “the chosen” Chelsea players how great and special they are. Roberto Di Matteo has with a certain pettiness done what AVB refused to do and just look at the upturn in results.

Similarly Terry Connors pathetic reign as Wolves manager was doomed to failure; partly because his predecessor had left him with a squad that has such a dearth of any discernable quality that it’s a wonder Mick McCarty had them competing in the Premier League but mainly because Terry Connor himself is so useless as a manager that he makes Steve Kean appear to be a managerial wizard.

Both abbreviations were fired, or will be fired, for the same reason – appalling results. Both went about achieving these horrible results in different ways. AVB managed to obtain his p45 by upsetting the hierarchy among the Chelsea players as well as having a massive dollop of ignorance and obnoxiousness in him whilst TC went about getting his by being talentless. TC reminds me of the horse “Boxer” in Animal Farm. A very hard worker and excels when he was told what to do but completely stupid.

Good luck to both but judging from their respective performances, especially TC, luck would be wasted on them as luck can’t make up for a lack of talent or common sense.

Villa and QPR to get relegated

I have made my blood sacrifice, inserted needles into my voodoo doll and now I can only hope that the relegation gods heed my prayers and condemn Aston Villa and QPR to the barren lands of down below in the Championship.

Why? Because in charge of the two clubs is the same man; or rather that each club has a manager that is a replica of one another. Last summer both Alex Mcleish and Mark Hughes treated their former employers, Birmingham and Fulham, with such disdain and disloyalty that it only seems right that they are punished for their lack of morality.

McLeish guided Birmingham to cup glory and then to relegation. And instead of making amends for his undoubted failure, he jumped ship to bitter rivals Aston Villa thus deepening the lurch that he had already created for Birmingham. Ironically McLeish has now single handedly dragged Villa into a relegation battle whilst Birmingham have a decent chance of promotion.

Despite not winning anything and in fact being slightly better than average at Fulham, Hughes in his mind equated his achievement of an 8th place finish to him being a world class manager. He then applied for the Villa job, failed to get the position and subsequently left Fulham citing that Fulham “lacked ambition”. Hughes now managers QPR. Recent home results have been excellent and they have given themselves such a great chance of survival, which would make it even sweeter if Hughes was relegated.

Luckily enough for Birmingham and Fulham, they haven’t suffered as a result of McLeish and Hughes acrimonious actions and have if anything found themselves better off. Hopefully the Premiership, Villa and QPR will rid themselves of such contemptible managers.

Let United Win, City

The seismic balance of power that has been in the hands of the red half of Manchester is evaporating and solidifying in the blue half of Manchester. United are about to be overtaken by their closest rivals and will be the second in command for the foreseeable future.

However United’s last stand has seen them give themselves a great chance of winning another, final title and by god I hope they take it. City’s time as king and overlord of the Premier League is imminent but hopefully they aren’t anointed with the crown this season.

I feel this way purely because I want SAF; sorry Sir Alex Ferguson, to fulfill his self proclaimed prophecy of “knocking Liverpool off of their f*****g perch”. This isn’t because I have a dislike for Liverpool but simply because of the metaphorical power another title would represent not only for Ferguson but for people in general.

Here’s a man that is so close to achieving his target. He has overcome many adversaries and is agonisingly close to reaching his goal, how could anyone even City have the gall to deny him his one last victory?

Well that’s the romanticised version. Ferguson is already a living legend and to add one last league title would be a lovely way to end United’s dominance. So please City, do the right thing…