Water-repellent kangaroo uppers, sympathetic ergonomics, central lacing, colourways and cleats….the Cutter passes on all this boot-nerd nonsense and simply appreciates a collection of fine-looking durable footwear.

Adidas Adipure ii trx

A couple of seasons old now but remain a favourite. Effortless combination of modern styling and traditional aesthetics. If Billy Dane (he of Billy’s Boots) was around today – and three-dimensional – he’d be wearing these brown beauties.

RRP – Varies enormously but we found three leading chains currently offering these in their sales for £30-35

Lotto Fuoriclasse

Lotto divide opinion but you can’t go wrong with this understated classic.

A redesign of its Stadio line it retained the minimalism but kept the styling you’d expect from an Italian boot. The Lotto staple colourways was extended to this striking black/Neon green number that just looks gorgeous.

RRP – £85

Adidas Adipure IV TRX Firm Ground

The Adipure range has been a huge hit for the German brand and these are their latest offering. Worn by Xavi Alonso and if there’s a 1% chance these help us spray a forty-yarder like the pass-maestro we’re having them. Sadly also adorned by ‘Fatty’ Lampard so don’t be surprised if you instinctively point to the heavens when you scuff one past Dave in 5-a-side training.

RRP – £125

Puma King Top 1982

Boot royalty and an extremely welcome reissue. Whilst companies shell out fortunes to gain the endorsements of Bobby Zamora and co the King Top’s peerless pedigree speaks for itself – Pele, Maradona, Gazza, Cruyff. Puma have wonderfully retained all of the elements that made this such a genuine masterpiece, from its white foldover tongue to the soft kangaroo leather that was thirty years ahead of its time.

RRP – £125

Puma Mexico Finale

Another welcome Puma reissue of a sterling classic, this much-loved design – a spin-off from the King – has been modernised with splashes of yellow which seem a touch unnecessary. The introduction of the twelve stud moulded soleplate resembles the Adidas Copa Mundial and there’s nowt wrong with that.

Aside from that though it’s the same familiar great that Maradona wore to shake up the world and bamboozle Terry Butcher. An superb timeless classic that will have you receiving appreciative nods of admiration from oppo players every time you step onto a pitch.

RRP – £125

Nike Tiempo Premier

The much-heralded Tiempo Legend IV came out this summer to muted reviews – it was considered over-priced and had lost some of its predecessor’s charms. So why not revert back to the reliably great Premier? Light with a crisp and clean design it didn’t last seven years in a competitive, ever-evolving market, for nothing.

RRP – £60

Patrick Gold Cup

An entirely personal choice as these were the boots that once scored a hat-trick to settle an under-14s tournament. Immediately bringing to mind a permed Keegan and Platini before he turned into an uber-t*** Patrick are thought of affectionately by boot aficionados tired of Nike and Adidas’s domination and increasingly garish designs. The Gold Cup was revised recently but a word of warning, they are quite hard to hunt down.

RRP – £80