by James Willis

As a Tottenham fan, I’m undeniably grateful for what Harry Redknapp has done for the club.

He picked Spurs up from the relegation zone and finished not far short of European football in his first season with the club. In his second season with Spurs, he helped the club qualify for the Champions League for the first time in it’s history. Well, since it was rebranded as the Champions League at least.

His Spurs squad narrowly missed out on repeating the feat the following season, but did manage to make it into the quarter finals of the Champions League, beating AC Milan and Inter Milan in the process.

After a few surprise summer signings he then helped guide Tottenham to 3rd in the Premier League, just behind the two Manchester clubs for a large portion of the season, almost running away from the rest of the league.

That was all well enough until this current run of form that has seen Spurs’ drop their lead over not only Arsenal, but also Newcastle and possibly very soon Chelsea.

A run of just one win in nine games has led to some Spurs fans calling for Redknapp to be sacked, while those fans who label themselves as the more sensible ones will call that a knee jerk reaction.

The fact of the matter is Tottenham aren’t in huge trouble. At least, not yet. Finishing fifth or sixth may not be what the club is chasing after, but it’s not a bad position to be in if you want to try and crack the top four again in the future. It’s hardly a Leeds-esque drop from the top.

Redknapp’s name has been constantly linked with the England job recently, rightly or wrongly, which is what some people have been putting this poor run of form down to.

There was a similar run of form last season though, after the AC Milan win in the Champions League. That was a run of form that was arguably responsible for Tottenham dropping out of the top four.

For whatever reasons, Harry Redknapp has seemingly found it tough to get Spurs to finish out the season the same way that they started.

Without it sounding like a knee jerk reaction, this is why it’s time he left. I appreciate all he’s done for the club and I have very much enjoyed watching Spurs increase in stature over the past few years but now it’s time to progress further.

Redknapp has a lot of controversial history behind him and that may be something that Spurs don’t want to be in the limelight for in the future.

All of the clubs that Redknapp has left have “coincidentally” fallen into debt or problems soon after. Tottenham, with the smarts of chairman Daniel Levy, still look relatively stable despite Redknapp having been at the club for over three seasons now.

It seems that, barring a billionaire investment, Tottenham have gone as far as they can with Redknapp at the helm.

As much as I appreciate what he’s done, I’d appreciate it even more now if there was to be a mutual departure before the club gets left in the toilet.

Much more work needs to be done before Spurs can be considered Champions League ​regulars, but the easiest way to go about that would be to move on. Thank Redknapp for his efforts and accept that the best way to go forward is by dropping the manager before another inevitable and miserable downfall.