Ever get the feeling you’re not wanted?

by Richard Edge

What were your pre-season expectations and have they been met?

My pre season expectations have been completely met.  It is exactly what I, and every other Villa supporter, expected.  In fact, I am amazed we didn’t get relegated.  We should have been by default for being so s**t!

If you’d been on the touchline what would you have done differently to your manager this term?

Not keep on telling the players and the world that we are not very good, and play attack minded football.

Player of the season?

Jemaine Jenas.  Really, I am struggling with this.  Chris Herd and Clark have done well.  Stephen Ireland started to look like a footballer again.

Biggest flop?

Charles N’Zogbia, but in fariness, it was too much to expect one player to see us through considering who had left.  Allan Hutton is always a candidate, absolutely s**t.
Is there a player loved by your fans who other supporters may not rate particularly highly?

Not really, or I am aware of.

Season’s highlight?

McCleish being sacked!

Head in hands moment?

The day we chose to make McCleish manager, and paid £2 million in compensation.  Failing upwards!

Who are your realistic transfer targets for this summer?

My mum, and up until yesterday, a load of s**t Scotish players on free transfers.  Free transfers, and free transfers.