Skrtel. No longer a liability.

by Stephen Parry

What were your pre-season expectations and have they been met?
We needed to win a trophy this season, so in that respect, yes. I did think we’d give a better showing in the league though.

If you’d been on the touchline what would you have done differently to your manager this term?
I am on the touchline, my season ticket is in the front row! Seriously though, it’s hard to say what I’d have done differently. The majority of the games that we’ve won or drawn, we’ve been the better side. Just unable to put the ball in the net.

Player of the season?
Close call between Skrtel and Enrique. Skrtel’s always been a bit of a liability but he’s been solid this term, and Enrique is pure quality going forward and he’s the first left back we’ve had for a while who can actually defend. Skrtel probably pips it though.

Biggest flop?
Stewart Downing – absolute pants! How on earth he’s been picked for Euro 2012 I’ll never know.

Is there a player loved by your fans who other supporters may not rate particularly highly?
Andy Carroll has won a lot of people over with his performances towards the end of the season. Opposing fans are always going to judge him on his poor start to the season though.

Season’s highlight?
It’s all about winning trophies, so it’s got to be the Carling Cup Final. Great day, great feeling to win something again. Cheers Kenny!

Head in hands moment?
We’ve had plenty of them. The 40-50 times we hit the woodwork for a start! But I think the worst was Carroll’s header in the FA Cup final. Was it, wasn’t it? I don’t think it was but my heart was in my mouth for a few seconds.

Who are your realistic transfer targets for this summer?

Well after the events of yesterday, first port of call is a top class manager. I’d have given Kenny another season personally, but hey ho, the game’s not like that anymore. Owners want instant success but none of them seem to have grasped the concept that it just doesn’t happen! Once we’ve got a manager we need a striker who can score week in week out, and a decent winger. Lucas coming back will be like a new signing too.