Player of the season Michael Carrick fails to hear the Sunderland cheers.

by Alwyn Payne

What were your pre-season expectations and have they been met?
Top two in the league. Didn’t expect any more or less. I’d have liked to have qualified for at least the CL quarter finals, but we just weren’t good enough. Woeful in Europe. I wanted the FA Cup this season. It’s been far too long, for a trophy so revered by United in the past. I thought it’d be our season, too. Disappointed massively with our progress in all three cups, truth be told.

If you’d been on the touchline what would you have done differently to your manager this term?
Probably played with an actual right-back in the starting 11 more often than 1 in every 4 games. Addressed our gaping anus of a midfield problem. Played Pogba a bit earlier in the season. Started Valencia at the Etihad.

Player of the season?


Biggest flop?

None, really. I suppose Jones went off the boil in the second half of the season, but out of our three main signings, none were flops.

Is there a player loved by your fans who other supporters may not rate particularly highly?

I was going to say Carrick or Evans, but opinion amongst United fans is divided on them, too [quite ridiculously]. Probably Ferdinand. We watch him all the time, and really appreciate what he brings to the game – yet opposition fans immediately dismiss him as a spent force, without actually taking the time to watch him play 90 minutes and analyse how valuable his contribution is.

Season’s highlight?

Valencia’s screamer at Blackburn. I did a little sex wee.

Head in hands moment?

Drawing 4-4 with Everton, having been 3-1 and 4-2 up. Massive bottle-job.

Who are your realistic transfer targets for this summer?

Kagawa, Clyne, one of a few from Bilbao. Or none, basically. No value in the market. I wouldn’t have minded a cheeky bid for Giusseppe Rossi if he hadn’t been injured. Though if he wasn’t injured, Villarreal may not have been relegated…etc.etc.