by Tom Exelby

Whisper it but things are shaping up very well for England at the Euros. We are still in the “outsider” category behind the sizzling Spaniards, dynamic Dutch and German… Germans. But the week has been a good one for our hopefuls.

Andy Carroll had his best week in a Liverpool shirt as he almost singlehandedly derailed Chelsea at Wembley and he followed that swashbuckling performance with another vintage display against (confusingly) Chelsea.  A few weeks ago I championed Carroll as unplayable on his day (insert picture of smug face), and was taken to task by an idiot in the comments section below. I feel vindicated this week as Carroll proved himself to be a genuinely top class striker. He is the sort of player that defenders don’t enjoy playing against; a match for any centre half physically, and as good as any striker in the air. He looks set to terrorise defenders across the continent. How foreign referees will react to him is yet to be seen but let’s hope he has better luck than Peter Crouch whom foreign referees  took a particular dislike to.

Having shamelessly patted myself on the back  in the previous paragraph I must provide some balance by acknowledging the man that Carroll terrorised was John Terry. A man I have backed for a seat on the plane. I’m not reactionary enough to now change my mind on Terry’s inclusion but I can sense the media sharpening their knifes for England’s former captain. A notoriously odious man it is perhaps of little surprise that the media seem keen to have Terry miss out on the Euros. However it must be noted that this week he did collect yet another FA Cup, and at the Euros he will not be up against Andy Carroll. Let him partner Lescott at the Euros, with Ashley Cole and Micah Richards in the full back slots – that will be the best back 4 at the tournament.

When you consider that we will have the saviour of English goalkeeping Joe Hart between the sticks as well England look solid. Hart was outstanding again this week as he made 2 or 3 excellent saves under immense pressure against Newcastle. He brings with him a presence, and will instil confidence in the back four. I stand by my call to make him captain, he is an automatic starter and will be for ten years so giving him the armband would ensure continuity. And what’s more he appears to have avoided punching DJ’s, pissing in pint glasses and shagging prostitutes which elevates him above our other captain candidates.

Elsewhere this week Blackburn saw themselves relEGGated amid FOUL play at Ewood Park. After COCKing up, Yakubu managed to GRAIN control of the situation. CHICKEN you believe that? NB. Nothing to do with the England squad but some good puns I’m sure you will agree.

The race is really hotting up now so let’s have your comments (and chicken puns) below.