by Darren Walsh

BBC going big on slow motion action at the start of the programme; best bit is Georgias Samaras being yelled at by a team mate, though that could have been from any match.

It’s a veritable ex-Tottenham striker overload; Jürgen Klinsmann joining Lineker and the boys.

We all know the big question for this game; how has Cristiano Ronaldo styled his hair this time?  Tonight he’s gone with the “matinee film star” look.  Although that may change at half time like the last match.

Raul Meireles: never has a man gone from so much hair to so little in such a short space of time.

Vaclav Pilar is around the same size as the kid that escorts him out to the field.

Helder Postiga is, as usual, starting for Portugal.  The fact that there is no one better continues to blow my mind.

One of my favourite things about the tournament is that ‘Sirius’ by The Alan Parsons Project has been played before every game.  I half expect Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls to run onto the field.

Jonathan Pearce has already got in three compliments about today’s referee Howard Webb; it may as well be his mum and dad commentating.

Paolo Bento has gone with his shirt sleeves rolled up; he looks like an office manager who’s agitated that the photocopier has broken down.

So much loose passing in the first 10 minutes; Ronaldo shouts and gesticulates at his team mates.

Ronaldo heads away a corner with an admittingly good leap; Martin Keown compares him to “an NFL basketballer”.  I don’t even know where to start correcting him there.

About five corners so far, and they’ve all been over hit.

I believe that continental drift may be able to outpace Bruno Alves.

A lot of the Czechs have stopped shaving until their tournament finishes; Petr Cech’s must be annoying with the chin strap from his head gear rubbing against it.

A few bookings now; Nani for a fairly soft challenge, and then Veloso totally cleans out Darida.

Nice bicycle kick by Ronaldo that goes wide; good to see one from an attacking player rather than a defender trying to clear from his own penalty area.

The neck tie has come off for Bento; if Portugal fall behind he might go bare chested at this rate.

Helder Postiga twangs his hamstring, and his game is over.  The stretcher crew are wearing camouflage gear for some reason.

Pepe with a clearance so agricultural that to describe it as such would be an insult to farmers.

Incredible skill from Ronaldo to take the ball on his chest, swivel and shoot against the post.  Closest we’ve seen to a goal so far, and that’s half time.

Klinsmann sounds more and more American every time he’s on TV.

Second half starts as the first one finished; with a good chance for Portugal.  This time, Hugo Almeida heads over when he should score.

Michel Platini looks thoroughly bored; he should have brought along one of those pairs of glasses with painted on eyes; he could have got some kip in.

After Keown’s “NFL basketballer” analogy earlier, Pearce comes up with his own American sports-based line during a Portugal free kick.  At least this time it actually makes sense.

Ronaldo clips the post with the free kick.  Is it the Czech’s night or is a goal imminent for Portugal?

Milan Baros is only 30??  I now have the same astonished look on my face that he permanently has on his.

Keown applauds a well-played offside trap by the Czechs; Pearce asks how many times we saw him and Arsenal pull that trick off.  “Too many times” is my answer.

The quality of backpasses to the keepers today has been really poor; way too fast and through the air mostly, which has been putting Cech and Rui Patricio in trouble.

After all his exertions of the first half, Bento now has the serene look of someone who has actually gone mad.  He was one of the players involved in the accosting of the ref after the semi-final in 2000.  If Portugal actually lose this after dominating he might kill a man.

Portugal are so in control of this, but they have only one man capable of scoring.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Czechs counter attacked at some point and scored with their only good chance.

And as I type that, the one man scores.  Great diving header by Ronaldo.

Portugal are keeping the ball to see out the game.  The Czechs have no Plan B.

Limbersky is doing his best to get sent off with a push first, and a minute later he goes through Nani.  Howard Webb refuses to do his duty though.

Cech is up for a corner, but the ball comes nowhere near him.

It’s over, and Portugal are deserved winners.

Lee Dixon critiques Portugal, saying that their central midfield needs to get better.  Jürgen is asked what he thinks, and he says that he likes their work rate.  Will the man ever say anything even slightly negative?

Anyway, that’s it, time to look forward to Greece trying to get one over their paymasters tomorrow night.