Ross Barkley. Oozes class.

by Bobbie Ruddy

What would represent a successful season for Everton this term? 

A double over Liverpool, a decent campaign by Ross Barkley and a change in ownership.

Are you happy with the manager?

Yes. How can we not be? The man has worked miracles for the last 10 years. However his reluctance to rule out Tottenham a month ago suggests this could well be his last in charge unless there is investment or a European finish.

If there was one thing you could ask him to change this season what would it be?

Play a recognised striker in a 4 4 2 formation. Get rid of the dead wood NOW.

What’s your views on the signings made so far?

Mmmmmmm…… ahhh, oh no… erm…

Who would you like to see brought in?

Joey Barton would be immense – Moyes would make him a England regular

Is there a young player who could break through and make a name for himself this term?

This is Ross Barkley’s chance to shine; the lad is class who oozes talent. Tim Cahill’s perfect replacement.

Any player you’d like to be shown the exit door?

Mucha, Anichebe, Hibbert, Kenwright

Which game do you want to win the most?

Liverpoo away of course. Maybe Hibbert finally scores and we all riot