Do you stare bored out of bus windows desperately wishing for something ace to distract you from the scrotes and blimps around you talking loudly on their phones and reading their Heats?

Do you have a brother or dad whose birthday is fast approaching and all you can think of is socks or yet another Jeremy Clarkson DVD?

Do you flick listlessly through FourFourTwo and yearn for the days when it presumed intelligence of its reader?

Well fear not because Daisy is not just a pretty face. We’re proud to announce the brand new arrival, kicking and screaming into this world, of a Best of the Cutter Vol 1 e-book. It’s packed with great football writing that’s guaranteed to tide you over through the close season and all for the price of a pint.

With twenty five of the bestest content from the football newspaper that used to honestly lie but now doesn’t really aside from the odd porkie it contains articles on such diverse subjects as the Zanzibar national team, Balotelli, the Ajax side of the 1990s and why Gary Neville is still a c*** but now a likable c***.

It will make you laugh, it will make you cry….okay, it won’t but it’s a fantastic read and more details can be found here

The audio book is out next week.

The Best of The Daisy Cutter: Volume One is available now on Kindle as well as Kindle for IPhone and iPad priced at £3.07 (inclusive of VAT) Apple users can download the Kindle App from the App Store at no cost and sync the book between multiple devices.