A young Richard Dunne slides in on fourth.

by Noel Draper

If you are anything like me then scouring the internet for interesting football facts and figures is a pleasant way to spend an hour or two on a dreary Monday morning.  For instance, did you know that the real name for the West Ham manager is Samuel? Or that he was born in Dudley? Nope. Nor me. Or that Sunderland have two nicknames, The Black Cats and The Lads? Me neither. Especially The Lads one.
Seeing as I love facts, especially football ones, in light of the good mood I have been in for the last few weeks, and the fact that the new season is slowly creeping up on us (some might say too slowly), I will now attempt to surprise and enlighten you, the Daisy Cutter reader, with one interesting fact about each and every club in the Premier League. Ready for the first 10? Then we shall begin.

Their first ever kit was actually a donation made by Nottingham Forest due to two of their ex-players being involved in the start up. They kept this kit until 1933 when Herbert Chapman added white sleeves and changed the colour to a brighter red.

Aston Villa
In the summer of 1890, Aston Villa became the first, and only, winner of the National Baseball League. Started as a way of keeping fit during the summer months and to provide some travelling American Baseball stars with something to do, the league consisted of four clubs, Preston, Derby (hence the name of their ground), Aston Villa and Stoke City. The teams were made up of the American stars, footballers and cricketers. Villa won the league due to Derby dropping out half way through and it was never contested again.

It is usually tradition for a football club to form and then begin the hunt for a place to play. Not Chelsea though, as in 1904 a gentleman by the name of Guy Mears bought the land, tried to offer it to Fulham Football Club, and then decided to form his own side to appear at the stadium.

Due to an alleged 53,000 fans turning up to see a woman’s football match at Goodison in 1920 the Football Association banned women from playing football at league grounds for 40 years as they were afraid of the competition.

Fulham played at 9 different grounds before choosing Craven Cottage in 1895. They added an 11th ground to this list when they shared Loftus Road with close neighbours QPR during a refit at Craven Cottage in 2002. This is probably a record.

Despite a recent slump in fortunes, Liverpool Football Club do top one table of note. They have won more top flight games than any other team. 1787 to be precise. Narrowly beating Everton and Arsenal into 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Manchester City
In the 1957/58 season Manchester City managed to score and concede over 100 goals. Obviously with that sort of record they didn’t win the league that year.

Manchester United
The nickname “The Red Devils” actually came from Salford Rugby Clubs unbeaten tour of France in 1934. They earned the nickname of Les Diables Rouges during this tour which was promptly stolen by supporters of Manchester United as they worn similar coloured shirts.

Newcastle United
After getting caught in a snowstorm on the way back from the 1908 Cup Final, Newcastle United’s official photographer, Gladstone Adams, got so annoyed with wiping the snow off his wind shield with his hand that he invented the windscreen wiper which was patented in 1911.

9 great clubs and Everton, 10 great facts. Stay tuned for the other 10 premier League clubs and their great facts.