by Daniel Snowden

The new season is almost upon us, yet for Arsenal there still looks to be a lot of work to do and little time to do it in if the club wishes to avoid a repeat of last year’s deadline day supermarket sweep style shopping spree.  However, the club’s hands are tied in some aspects, with the future of RvP and Theo Walcott still to be officially wrapped up.  However, if the former goes I do not see the club bringing in another forward but were Theo to move onto pastures new the club might look to bring in someone else with a turn of pace to push defences back.

On the other side there has been lots of talk of Sahin coming in for a season long loan, a move that seems to make a lot of sense given that Jack Wilshire is still some way off a first team return, and relying on Diaby and Rosicky is a fool’s errand.  In addition the club is apparently also close to signing Spanish midfielder Cazorla from Malaga but until they do the photo session and the club confirms it, I choose to believe nothing.

With all that in mind, here is the Cutter’s season preview for the Gunners:

Last season saw the first signs of dissent towards Wenger by the Emirates faithful. What are your views on Le Prof?

While Wenger made a number of mistakes, especially in the summer transfer window, to some extend it looks as if he could not make the moves he wanted, when he wanted, to get the squad he wanted.  Arsenal also managed to improve on the 4th place recorded in 2010/11 and given the financial restriction placed on the club, I really can’t see anyone else being able to do a better job.

Are you happy with the transfers made so far?

German international with 100 caps and the Ligue 1 top scorer? You bet I am!

Who would you personally like to see brought in?

If Sahin and Cazorla do come in then attention needs to move back a step, with maybe a more defensive minded midfielder on the shopping list. M’Vila was touted early in the window, but apparently he can be a tricky character and Arsenal’s interest cooled but someone in that vein would be a boon. Plus a decent back up keeper to push Szczesny.

Which player would you like to see ‘kick on’ this season and really make their mark?

The Ox – the boy has an amazing amount of talent and he is still only18. Plus it would be good to get Wilshire back on the pitch and hopefully his development can pick up from where it was rudely cut off.

Are there any youngsters we should look out for?

Aside from the Ox and Wilshire, Coquelin looks a very composed midfielder with a great eye for a pass and he could become the defensive midfielder we need, as Frimpong is just too mental to be trusted.

What would represent a successful season for the Gunners this term?

Given the cash available to City and Chelsea’s aggressive squad rebuilding, plus the constant threat of United, I think most fans would be happy to be in the running for the league come Easter but a European Cup win would be the icing on every cake ever.

If you were the boss what one thing would you change as regards to tactics?

Not much really – probably trying to get the forward players to do more defensive work to protect the back four, who let in a Wenger era record 49 goals last season.

Who is your hate figure for 2012/13?

Still Adepaymore, though Na$ri is right up there and if RvP goes to City he could also be Frimponged.

Which opposition player do you most admire?

Kompany. In a team full of mercenaries, scumbags and egotistical fat heads he seems to be a genuinely nice guy as well as the best defender in the league by some distance.