“I spy with my little eye something beginning with L”

by Anon

Liverpool Football Club was once a great club, a club once recognised as the bastion of English football. Oh how times have changed.

Having been slowly whittled down to nothing more than a higher mid-table club,  it appears that their league position is not the only thing that has gone downhill. Their much publicised pursuit of Clint Dempsey is indicative of the lack of morality that now is the essence of the club.

Dempsey has been the subject of interest from Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers for the duration of the summer. However, this “interest” hasn’t materialised into a transfer bid despite FSG posting on their own official website that the Dempsey deal was near completion.

It is evident that Liverpool are doing everything in their power to get Dempsey on the cheap which again has metaphorical qualities considering how cheap Liverpool has become. Their refusal to meet Fulham’s fair market valuation of Dempsey at 10 million has been the sticking point for the transfer so far not happening.

This is not the first time that Liverpool have treated fellow mid-table club Fulham with disdain and lack of decency given how they went about appointing Roy Hodgson, and certainly it isn’t the first time this summer that Liverpool has displayed their new moral code.

Having acquired Brendan Rodgers from Swansea, there was an agreement put in place that Liverpool wouldn’t go after any Swansea players for the next 12 months. The agreement didn’t last long. Rodgers tried to buy Gylfi Sigurdson despite having an agreement to sign for Swansea and then deciding that reneging on the agreement wasn’t enough and signed the Welsh side’s best player, Joe Allen. Classy.

So Liverpool, not content with disrupting Swansea’s season has now decided to disrupt a fellow rival club and obtain their best player for a pittance. The last 12 months has been a rocky road for Liverpool – from the poor handling of the Suarez affair to deliberately unsettling players from other clubs it is certainly a humbling time to be a Red.

There is no doubt that Dempsey will get the move he wants but it will be to the detriment of what is left of his legacy at Fulham. Liverpool will have acquired a superb player but their method of buying him leaves a lot to be desired.

You stay classy Liverpool,

A disgruntled Fulham fan.