by Farah Hussein

Bin Laden, Jobs, Gaddafi, and Houston. What’s the one thing these four people have in common? Nope, it’s not the fact that they’re dead. It’s when they died!
There is a myth that whenever Arsenal’s Aaron Ramsey scores, a famous person kicks the bucket. Unusual but true, so let’s take a look at the history of deaths and of his goals…

It was in November 2009 that the list of deaths started, when Ramsey scored the day before rapper Derek B died of a heart attack.

Later at the 30th of December 2009, musician Rowland Howard died after a goal from the 21 year old.

Then came another December 09 goal that saw guitarist Jack Rose pass away!

And on the first of May 2011 when Arsenal’s playmaker scored the only goal of the game against Man United at the Emirates Stadium, Osama bin Laden was shot dead by the U.S Navy the very next day.

Then came his goal against the Spurs at White Hart Lane on the eleventh of October, when few days later Steve Jobs lost his battle with pancreatic cancer!

And when Colonel Gaddafi died on the 20th of October 2011, (yes you guessed it) the Welsh international had scored the day before against Marseille.

Next came yet another tragic death, in the loss of Whitney Houston just 12 hours after the Welshman’s goal in a 2-1 win over Sunderland!

Coincidence? Not sure. But the story is not over yet; because on the 27th of February 2010, Arsenal played Stoke City in a 3-1 win. And although Ramsey didn’t score, he did break his leg due to a Ryan Shawcross tackle and a disaster hit Chile in the form of an 8.8-magnitude quake that affected almost 2 million people, killing 300 and 15 others went missing.

And most recently… On the forth of August 2012, Ramsey scored a team GB equalizer from the spot, although he then missed another before scoring again in the penalty shoot-outs.
So should we be waiting the news that announces the death of someone famous (maybe two in this case)? Or is the macabre sequence nothing but a coincidence? Someone once said that “saving an Aaron Ramsey goal is like saving a life”. This is evidently true. And until another deadly goal, let’s just hope he never nets a hat-trick.