God speed.

Charlie Adam’s missed penalty in last season’s Carling Cup final against Cardiff finally re-entered the Earth’s stratosphere last night to the puzzlement of millions who falsely believed they witnessed a burning up meteor.

Leading astrophysicists from the Jodrell Bank observatory have confirmed that the Nike T90 ball that was skied by Adam’s left boot on February 25th has been on quite a journey taking in Jupiter and Mars and being played amongst the stars. Due to the Earth’s gravitational pull however it was only a matter of time before it returned to Wembley where its impact has created a crater roughly the size and scale of Sam Allardyce’s head and early rumours suggest that a furious FA are considering suing the Scottish international for the cost of filling in the hole and reseeding the turf. The ball meanwhile has sadly all but disintegrated.

We asked swoonsome TV scientist Professor Brian Cox to explain the phenomenon in layman’s terms but unfortunately without Sigur Ros playing in the background it made no sense whatsoever and was quite frankly boring. We also approached the player himself for his thoughts on the matter but his Scottish accent was silly.

The glowing string of light was first reported around half past ten last evening with some early suggestions being that aliens had come to reclaim Ian Holloway.

However, a number of photographs began to emerge that clearly showed the distinctive swoosh of the familiar sports brand and people began to put two and two together.

The wayward pen was recently voted the most hilarious moment in football ever and the sheer trajectory achieved by Adam is considered by many to be the main reason Tony Pulis was so determined to bring him to Stoke.