by Chris Tobin

For many of us the truth about Hillsborough has never needed to be spelt out, written about, eulogized by those with flowered phrases disguised with presentation and delivered with acute sadness. For me I have never needed confirmation of what my head already knew. I did not need clarity.

I am not sure exactly how I have felt in these last few days when what I felt I had always known would be so brutally confirmed in the Hillsborough document. Untruths. Despicable lies. A corruption would begin that afternoon which would be perpetuated for years to come, others including politicians, media moguls, and the man and woman in the street, football supporters would add to such lies, joining in with Chinese whispers – all would authenticate the truth with their lies.

I have indeed felt slightly isolated with all the apologies that have been forced from the differing areas associated with those lies, when your lies are found out there are only two ways you can react – apologise or come out fighting in an attempt to exasperate such lies. There are many that have no right to apologise because the lies and indeed contempt in which they have held the people of Liverpool and the city itself have been such an appalling example of human nature, they don’t deserve such forgiveness. Many have been given an easy way out, where words are seen as an excuse for their previous misdemeanours, disgusting behaviour through words and deeds – I refuse to exonerate them from their shame.

It has to be remembered that Lord Justice Taylor in 1989 had already stated what is seen as the truth 23 years later, but even he was discredited and his report ridiculed from the Police and the media – Yes there has been criminality, fraud of the highest order, it must be stated that an apology alone is not enough, nor can it be accepted in the present climate that it is being delivered, in a veiled attempt to hide from guilt, the very guilt that has been put upon Liverpool supporters and the club for over 23 years, many of us have had to listen to chants of “Murderers” over those many years.

Hillsborough has once again become the biggest bandwagon in town, whilst every man and his dog decide to jump up and down on this carnival parade, while, as has become the norm the innocent lives that were lost that day become pawns for politicians who years earlier when presented with a similar truth decided against such opinion, I remind you what David Cameron said in response to the families looking for justice a few months ago:

“A blind man, in a dark room, looking for a black cat that isn’t there”.

Well Mr Cameron the blind have found the cat, regardless of how difficult and dark yours alongside other governments tried to make it, we will not forget your opinion when you amongst others have been party to exactly what happened that day, your apology is empty and hollow and comes from a place that is without shame.

Interestingly the FA have seemed to worm their way from any real blame as usual, I remember how they sided with the Thatcher government in its disgusting blame game against the supporters of football whilst shovelling those very supporters through broken gates and turnstiles in the pursuit of pretty greens, animal like we would be hoarded into pens with a contempt while you would fill your pockets with silver, so what exactly have the Football Association apologised for.

Many have this week found a supposed courage that they have lack for over twenty years, where they have remained indignant whilst provocatively pointing fingers suddenly the tune has changed and an alleged new dawn has brought about a social conscience in these deluded folk.

I think the most disgusting thing I read was Piers Morgan commenting on the document, I think at that point I realised that the bandwagon was on its last legs, or wheel.

For many you can take your disingenuous apologies and pop them where the sun has failed to shine. What you fail to understand is an apology has to be accepted before it has any true meaning and I for one will not exonerate you from your crimes.

Now the fight goes on for justice, justice for the 96 people whose deaths have for too long been used like a ping-pong ball scoring points, once those who are truly responsible for the deaths of children and the innocent have been brought to justice, only then can we consider resting in peace the 96.

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