by Darren Walsh

This game is on both ITV and TV3; would have thought that the Irish channel at least would show Barcelona-Celtic.

First order of business involves Rio Ferdinand and Sir Alex Ferguson; Roy Keane believes that Ferguson won’t forget the embarrassment caused and will push Ferdinand out of the club when he doesn’t need him.  If anyone knows about Ferguson’s thinking in these situations, it’s the Corkman.

Braga coach Jose Pereiro is in his seat and talking to his assistant with his hand over his mouth while giggling.  It’s like he’s telling a particularly adult joke.

Jesus, another early home goal conceded for Utd, Alan wants to reach the cross more than Buttner and finds the corner of the net.  He then does a celebration with a few team mates that involves shimmying while having their hands clasped together in front of them, like they’re dancing and praying at the same time.

I’m following the BBC website as well tonight, and just read that Nigel Spackman thinks that hosting Chelsea is Shakhtar Donetsk’s biggest ever game.  Yeah, playing an English team in the group stage is MUCH bigger than playing Barcelona in the quarter final of the Champion’s League in 2011.  Or winning a UEFA Cup Final.

Second Braga goal which can be attributed to Carrick’s poor positioning; maybe “resting” Ferdinand wasn’t the greatest idea.  It’s Alan who scores it too, his second of the night.  Almost enough to make me forgive that ridiculous hairstyle of his.

Nicely done by the referee to allow play to go on after van Persie is fouled, but Braga switch off and Hernandez heads in.  Always nice to see a group game with real intensity and purpose, which is what is happening tonight.

Celtic are winning in the Nou Camp??  I mightn’t believe that until I see it for myself.

Kagawa given offside before he crosses to set up Hernandez to slot into the net, not a correct call by the linesman.

Alex Buttner goes on a run and slips in the penalty area, causing the crowd to appeal for a penalty.  I can understand the fans doing it, but when he does the same, it’s just embarrassing.

Halftime, and I assume that people think Utd will come back and win, it happens so often.  Could do with some width though.

Give it up Winstone; I’m not doing any in-game betting.  I’ll need better than 2/1 for a Utd win to be even tempted.

Ferguson ain’t happy with the ref for disallowing that goal; would be even more unhappy if he hadn’t got that advantage earlier on.

Here comes the width, Nani on for Kagawa.

Can feel a goal coming, Braga is barely hanging on.

Jonny Evans with the equaliser; gets two chances for a shot on goal from a corner and rolls it in.

Another great cross for Hernandez to nod in; staking a claim to start more the games, the Mexican.  Now that Braga don’t have the pressure of holding a lead, I wonder if they can start to play again?

De Gea is obviously feeling confident about a win; he passes short out of the box and presents Eder with the ball, who would probably have gotten a shot on goal if he hadn’t fallen over his own feet.

Braga have had more of the ball since the goal, but I think they’re out of ideas.  They showed early on that they had the skill to unlock Utd’s defence, but they barely had a shot on goal afterwards.

Last time Man Utd came back to win from two goals down?  Against Juventus in the semi-final in 1999.  A fact that is relayed from Adrian Chiles to Roy Keane, not that his facial expression changes much.  It’s hard to know if he feels any pride in that performance or is annoyed that it has been brought up.

Last minute winner for Barcelona over Celtic; in this ever-changing football world, it seems you can always count on a Man Utd comeback and a Scottish team losing heroically.