by Fred

What a weekend of football we had last week! First we go 2-0 down to Villa, only to turn it around thanks to one of the best comebacks the Premiership has ever seen. The Mexican Messi tore the Villa a new arsehole and was a full on hero in bringing home the Bacon for Sir Alex. I can’t believe though that he wasn’t credited with the 2nd goal. Surely any player who skews his shot from a couple of yards out but has the skill to rely on a deflection from a defender deserves the credit?

Singlehandedly, the graduate from our youth academy had put us 5 points ahead of the Bitters with only 6 months remaining of the season. All we then need is to open the gap to 8 and I can’t see them catching us. 8 points is a huge deficit to make up by anyone’s standards.

I’m not going to lie, I had no confidence in Spurs doing anything at the Etihad. AVB’s boys are shit on their travels and I can’t wait for us to play them at Old Trafford to absolutely smash them. It’s a guaranteed 3 points for any half decent team. City had to rely on a bent referee and linesman in order to bag the victory. They’d got the decisions all afternoon so it was no surprise when Dzeko was allowed to run onto David Silva’s lucky deflected pass and sneak the ball past Brad Friedel.

I’m not here to talk about City though; I’m a United fan and City are irrelevant to me. Alan Hansen was so right on Match of the Day when he opened up his analysis of the bitters with “They’ve struggled in the Premiership all season”. Just because they are unbeaten with the best defensive record that doesn’t mean they’re not struggling does it but do City fans believe that? Oh no, do they fuck. They’re just full of tweets like “Champions” and “We’ll fight to the end” aren’t they. Wake up and smell the failure boys, you haven’t got your 40 points for safety yet so stop taking it for granted that you can make up the gap on us.

Like I said though, I’m not here to talk about City. That would make me an obsessed Red and people may think I’m worried about them winning anything again and us winning fuck all again. I know that’s not going to happen this season because we are so very close to the title and I’ll let you into a little secret… I have already ordered my CHAMP20NS T-Shirt just like I did last season as soon as we went 4-2 up at home to Everton.

All I am now waiting on to cement my confidence is the return of Phil Jones. Once he comes back, there’ll be no stopping us.


Haha, I know who I’d rather have.

Cockney Fred the Red