Mark Hughes’ managerial record at QPR was dire rooting an upwardly mobile club to the foot of the table after promising last May that relegation would never again haunt Loftus Road during his tenure.

His time at Manchester City was equally as calamitous, initially jeopardising the ambitious project until they eventually replaced him with a proper coach who valued such traits as tactical nous and discipline and realising the dream. There at the Etihad he foreshadowed his clusterf***ery at QPR by bringing in a multitude of players then not having the first clue what to do with them.

Surrounded by a ‘taffia’ of yes men Hughes is an inept, incompetent and generally clueless gaffer who fulfils a single obligation – if you want your club set back years and in desperate need of salvaging then he is your man.

Yet such is football it is inevitable he will soon be punted around for any managerial vacancies that await on the horizon. Young, talented coaches will be overlooked for a buffoon with a lucrative contract and a head full of grey hair but no grey matter.

This cannot happen. For the good of the game the Cutter is today declaring that Leslie Mark Hughes should never again stand befuddled on a Premier League touchline and inflicting tepid, winless football on the paying public.

We approached both a QPR and Manchester City forum and asked their supporters why this stern-faced charlatan should see out the rest of his days playing golf. The evidence is damning. The defence rests.

1/ At QPR he really did f*** up this time under the glare of Sky, BBC and all the sport papers. Even Sven would struggle to land a plum job after that debacle.

2/ I think he’s been exposed now. I doubt he will manage in the Prem again.

3/ His ego wont allow him to go down to The Championship.

4/ Ultimately Hughes is going to be remembered as the worst manager in QPR’s history. As p*ssed off with him as I am now and forever will be for spunking up years of hard work in one summer of transfer incompetence of the grossest possible kind, I have to console myself with the fact that he will go to his grave knowing that the whole fanbase of this club agrees that he was the worst person to ever set foot in the managers office. Considering he had the likes of Houston and Mullery to contend with that really is some achievement.

5/ Unfortunately, I disagree with this premise. I absolutely think he should manage again. Ideally at Leeds United, Chelsea or Cardiff City.

6/ He used to choose Ched Evans over Daniel Sturridge.

7/ No medical for RSC.

8/ He thought he was going to get the Chelsea job while he was at Fulham.

9/ I always thought Hughes had no plan B – If what he set up failed, he stood there scratching his greys looking confused as f***.

10/ He didn’t win a game this season despite having a big squad full of quality players.

11/ He cannot organise a defensive unit.

12/ He cannot find a way to link defence and attacking play in any formation in his last three jobs (QPR, Fulham and City)13/ When he has money to spend he cannot spend it wisely.

14/ He has never achieved anything as a manager leaving clubs much worse off when he leaves.

15/ He’s thick.

16/ He surrounds himself with “yes men/taffia” who will never question his decisions, as being associated with him means a big fat paycheck!

17/ No tactical knowledge.

18/ He always claims his teams are stronger in the second half of the season. Well f***ing good as we’re in the relgation zone at Christmas. There are also constant reminders of how he’s changed the club from top to bottom (he may well have done but you’re still serving up s***e).

19/ Micah Richards in defensive midfield. Ched Evans. Sylvinho vs Lennon. An obsession with RSC – £18m!

20/ Mainly the complete lack of any team structure or organisation and therefore an over reliance on individuals but also his refusal to ever take the blame and his inane press conferences.

21/ Because he’s true to his word. He said that QPR would never be in a relegation decider on the last day of the season again whilst he was manager. He was spot on, they’ll hopefully be involved in one with Harry Redknapp as manager.

22/ He and his coaches can’t organise a defence. Even the clueless plank of wood that is Stuart Pearce could manage that.

23/ He has a decent eye for a player but can’t develop them into better players. What would Kompany & Zabaleta have been now under him?

24/ His nickname is “Mark Lose”

25/ Because he saw fit to buy Tal Ben Haim and pay Wayne Bleeding Bridge a million pound a minute for being s***e.

26/ He found Vincent Kompany and then didn’t realise what he had and barely played him.

27/ His only attribute of note is he seems to be able to convince wealthy owners that his (misguided) self belief will translate into a successful team. The result being that they invest in him as a person without the slightest indication that he can do the specific job at hand.

28/ He is the only manager I can think of who is utterly convinced that a draw is a win and should be awarded 3 points instead of 1.

29/ His shameful (but often shameless) deflection of blame onto others is his blind refusal to accept responsibility, his ego is the reason why he wont change. I truly believe he is a narcissist.

30/ At the time of his departure we were having to score 3 goals a game just to get a draw, had injured defenders, and Kompany was sat on the bench.

31/ The previous season City finished 8th, 100 million later and they finished 10th

32/ Instead of buying world-class players like David Silva and Yaya Toure he would have bought David Bentley and Scottie Parker.

33/ He has only won ten away games whilst in charge of City, Fulham and QPR

34/ RSC. End of.

35/ Because he’s f***ing s**t.

36/ He put a team out against Forest in the cup designed to lose so he could say “I need this, that and the other player”.

37/ Hughes is good in spotting potential in a player but s**t in utilizing them. He is the one who signed Zabaleta, Kompany, Dembele, Chris Samba and many others but ironically those players reach their utmost potential under a different manager.

38/ Hughes is very limited tactically. He had a good time at Blackburn with limited funds and players, and got them playing a similar way to the teams he played for in his playing days. Having had that “success ” he’s tried to do the same at subsequent clubs even though the players he inherited and bought haven’t always suited that particular style of play.

39/ Because he can’t admit, or worse possibly even see, when he is wrong. If you can’t acknowledge your own failings you can’t learn from your mistakes, and thus have absolutely no business as a football manager. Or any manager for that matter.

40/ I suppose you could credit him with winning Manager of the Month in October 2007 – that is the extent of his achievements as a manager.

41/ His style of play is neither exciting nor winning, it is however dirty as during his watch, every season Blackburn finished bottom of the fair play league. That says a lot, no trophies, no cup finals (and bear in mind Blackburn had won things before he arrived – now look at them).

42/ In his favour he is good at negotiating pay offs which is handy as I can’t see him managing at the top level again.