by Andy Morris

A couple of years ago I was chatting with a few friends about the developments that were going on at Manchester City. As a lifelong Blue I suggested that once the infrastructure, playing staff and boardroom had been refreshed it would be the fan-base that would be the clubs weakest part.

The idea did not go down well. The fans, I was told, ARE the club. That’s actually something I wholeheartedly agree with but right now I think I have been proved right. Some of the best players in the world pull on the Sky Blue shirt and play for one of the best managers currently working. They are all employed by the very best owner in world football who is diligently building an infrastructure second to none. But then there are the fans.

The fans who were, until recently referred to as ‘the best in football’. At the club’s lowest ebb they filled the old Maine Road stadium and they waited in those vast numbers for decades without success.

But then things went terribly, terribly wrong. City won some stuff.

Now we seem to have far too many fans who have lost their sense of humour, of self-deprecation. City have far too many fans who feel it is OK to whinge and moan after one defeat at home in two years.

In short we have far too many spoilt brat, emotionally flaccid fans nowadays.

Alas we have replaced experts in football and gallows humour with fans who are more worried about how they look and where they can get a nice latte.

I don’t want to go back to the days when City were s***, far from it. But I do want the person I sit next to at a match to watch the game, sing and generally engage in the event they paid for.

I was sat next to a couple of lads at the Ajax game this season who spent most of the first half complaining about the lack of a Starbucks at the stadium. I say most of the first half because they both left to ‘have a look round’ with only 30 minutes of the first half gone. To add insult to my injury they actually came back for the second half and booed the City team ON TO the pitch! Once again with 15 or so minutes left they disappeared from their seats never to return.

At least I hope they never return.