by Josh Green

With Nigel Adkins being the latest Premier League manager to bite the dust, other Premier League managers, like Alan Pardew and Paul Lambert, will be feeling the heat. Both are managing big clubs but find themselves in a relegation battle.

A few days before the sacking of Adkins, the most talked about manager was the former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. Tabloids and book makers were continuously guessing where the Spaniard would take charge and who he would displace. One popular tabloid told its’ readers it was official, Pep had snubbed Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Bayern Munich in favour of Manchester City. Fortunately for Roberto Mancini this story turned out to be pure fiction because the next day it was announced Guardiola had signed a 3 year contract with Bayern Munich, which would start in July. So the Merry-Go-Round continues.

So Roberto Mancini is still in a job, but some people still expect the Italian to be sacked come summertime. Who would replace him?  Well, if you take a look at Sky Bet they have put some very interesting names in the hat for Mancini’s future successor.

After the obvious choice of Jose Mourinho at 7/4, you will find the likes former England manager Fabio Capello at only 22/1! You must be thinking what terrible value 22/1 is for Capello to become the next City manager, well it gets worse, Martin Jol is only 33/1, Harry Redknapp is also 33/1 and a return of the prodigal son Mark Hughes is a mere 40/1.

With Sky putting these ludicrously absurd names in the hat perhaps they would be better putting a few more outsiders in the hat like Gail Platt at 70/1 and Boris Johnson a value bet at 100/1.

Here check out some more of the names in the hat for next City manager.

A few other names that Sky Bet has decided to put in the running for jobs are John Toshack at only 50/1 to become the next Real Madrid manager and Craig Levin is listed as 100/1 to become the next Chelsea manager, 100/1? I would expect at least 5000/1 to consider putting a quid on that truly outlandish of scenarios being fulfilled.

Have a look for yourself for some absolute gems with the link provided.

I am planning on setting my own Bookmakers up and I will offer the public some better value in the manager specials category.

Josh-Bet Manager Specials 2013

Barack Obama to become the next Oldham Athletic manager 66/1
Master Yoda to become the next Arsenal manager 80/1
Patrice Evra to become the next Liverpool manager 80/1 *Extra Value*
Shane Richie to become the next Man City manager 90/1
Jim Taggart to become the next Man Utd manager 100/1