by Chris Tobin

There was a time when Liverpool Football Club supporters were known not only in England and Europe but around the globe as aficionados of the beautiful game, folk always willing to engage on the subject of football, with a total appreciation of those talented enough to step on to the hallowed Anfield turf from opposing teams, and applaud any team that produced quality enough to beat the Anfield club.

Liverpool supporters would find themselves like one big family, with the intention of clan like supremacy, granted they were amassing trophies along the way with a monotonous regularity with teams capable of producing football bestowed upon them from the footballing Gods. They would be respectful of one another and the only criteria for a place amongst this gang would be an allegiance to Liverpool Football Club.

Today however I find myself writing an article that would not represent any of the above, and a feeling that in fact the opposite would now be true of Liverpool’s support. Whether this is a minority, or a small but loud section of its support is still in the confirmation stage.

One of the new and disheartening features of those few from L4 is a misguided belief that in some way they are superior to any other Liverpool fan/supporter who resides outside the City or even the country. They have such a distorted view of their own importance in the bricks that make this great institution, and within that view they critic fans from outside of Liverpool.

These very same deluded folk will argue with other teams supporters how Liverpool is the biggest club in the world, when it suits they will welcome the millions of outsiders, with a laconic arrogance normally associated with Manchester United or Chelsea – ever forgetful that those clubs have no problem accepting supporters from around the universe.

They constantly do both themselves and other genuine supporters an injustice with such arguments, they will tell anyone interested in listening how only people from the city understand the effects of Hillsborough or the campaign against The Sun newspaper, whilst most of these deluded little minded people were not even alive in 1989, unaware that they themselves have added to the flames of the despicable chants of “Victims” aimed at Liverpool down the years – It may be harsh to say but some of these people have a dining out attitude toward the horrors of Hillsborough.

Many great and insightful Liverpool supporters remain attached to the club, and they outweigh the minority that give the club a bad name amongst its own. Many non-residents of the city have travelled the world to see Liverpool acquire five European Cups amongst other shining silverware, they were there when our own had their lives cut short at Hillsborough and in our darkest hour, when we ourselves were responsible for the deaths of 39 Juventus fans at Heysel in 1985 – Did any of those supporters worry that they did not reside in L4 as they marched around the world? No.

Along with the explosion of social media, an explosion of super fans occurred, they are intent on shouting louder, being much more belligerent, arrogant and knowledgeable allegedly. Unaware they are destroying a legacy created by their less internet savvy mothers and fathers, they sit at home behind their computer screens with minds deluded that they are at Anfield every week with their Liverpool family, they assume a position of ignorance whilst their insular existence overwhelms them. They forget that some of our greatest players and managers were not from the city – Dalglish, Shanks and Bob all non scousers, I guess they don’t matter either to the new generation of fans.

I personally still believe Liverpool do have the best supporters out there, mainly because I refuse to accept these new age scousers and their distorted opinions. I have not lived in Liverpool for over 40 years but I have more than enough memories following Liverpool to make me believe my support is warranted “I once saw the King  Kenny play & Stevie Highway on the wing” I don’t just sing about it. I have also seen with my own eyes the horrors of our darkest days – I don’t need anyone’s confirmation that my support is acceptable.

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