by Josh Green

Manchester United are the most supported football team in the world. However they are also the most hated and rightfully so.

United fans will claim I am bitter and jealous and that’s fine. They are an extremely successful football team but if the price of success is to end up like them then they can keep their tainted success.

With such a hated entity there is often a vile, narcissistic, psychopath at the helm. This man is of course Sir Alex Ferguson, Knight of the Realm. The longest serving and most successful manager of the Premier League, but what is this success worth when it is achieved through bullying, cheating and downright disgusting behaviour? It was only the other weekend that Ferguson escaped punishment after subjecting a young official to another foul mouthed thuggish rant. Mr Ferguson rules through fear, it’s one rule for him and another rule for everyone else. Just ask Rafa Benitez who was mocked for bringing up some very valid points.

The media bow down to Ferguson because if they cross him they will feel the full force of his Mafioso wrath. One wrong question and you won’t be receiving any more interviews from good old Alex, just ask the BBC.

Never shy to talk about other clubs and their transfer policies, the thuggish Glaswegian is the definition of a hypocrite. He was spending unrivalled amounts on players like Steve Bruce before he had won his first Premier League title. No manager in England has ever broken the transfer record more times than Ferguson, but it’s ok when Sir Alex does it. His mind games are lauded by the press when in fact it is nothing more than a nasty egotistical man showing a distinct lack of class and sportsmanship,  just ask Benitez, Wenger, Keegan, Mancini and any other manager who dared to cross the Manchester United manager.

Moving on from the odious red-faced Scotsman another significant reason the Trafford based side are hated globally are the hordes of sub-humans who proudly call themselves fans of Manchester United.

Firstly, I would like to start off by saying I have met and spoken to some decent United fans who you can have a fair chat about football with. However they are in the minority and en masse they make up a despicable gang of Neanderthals.

A scenario that is often played out in football grounds across the country is that United will be awarded a penalty or score an offside goal and go on to win the game. If that isn’t annoying  enough,  their fans will begin to recite the extremely moronic chant “We do what we want, we do what we want, we’re Man United, we do what we want”. That one chant really does sum up their arrogance and unrivalled lack of class.

Unfortunately, the “We do what we want” chant is one of the more dignified chants in the United fans repertoire. A few unsavoury themes can be heard from time to time include mocking the Hillsborough and Heysal disasters, mocking the deaths of Leeds United supporters in Istanbul and mocking the death of Cameroonian midfielder Marc-Viven Foe. Instead of condemning this atrocious behaviour, some United fans will defend it by saying “They mock the Munich disaster”. Mocking the Munich air disaster is obviously equally as deplorable as the other chants but this is not an excuse for these vile chants and it is a disgrace to even try and use the Munich disaster as an excuse for this.

Not too long ago a picture went viral of a Manchester United fan and his new tattoo. Oh dear what has this muppet got tattooed on him this time?  A picture of Rooney’s ugly head?  Nope, this certain individual thought it was a good idea to get ‘96wne’ inked onto his shoulder blade. ‘96wne’ standing for 96 was not enough regarding the 96 Liverpool fans who died at Hillsborough.

Of course United’s entire fan base is not as hateful and stupid as the moron who got that tattoo but one thing is for sure – they are much easier to find after a victory than after a defeat. After a victory they will be out in their droves to gloat on Facebook, Twitter and in pubs and clubs all over England. After a defeat they will tell you that money has ruined football and they’re not bothered with it anymore……….until their next win.

Laughably United have a group of fans who like to call themselves the M.I.B which stands for the Men In Black. No I’m not joking, it really does. These overgrown children are often accused of violent attacks against other supporters, indiscriminate of whether they are women or children. The most ridiculous story of them all is when “Once a blue always a blue” Wayne Rooney was trying to squeeze more money out of his already lucrative contract and a group of Manchester United ‘supporters’ grouped up, all dressed in black, and congregated outside Wayne Rooney’s house, to tell him “Join City and you die”.

Whether they are from Salford, Singapore, Dublin, London or South Korea, the United fans have developed a reputation of arrogant, fickle, glory hunters which they just can’t shake off and you can see why.

The players are paid excessive amounts of money to play for the Red Devils (a nickname stolen from the Rugby team, Salford City Reds). Players like Wayne Rooney who give the referee vile abuse and then elbow opponents are a perfect match for Manchester United. He fits like a hand in a glove. Ryan Giggs sleeping with his brother’s wife, Ashley Young’s Tom Daley impressions, Rio Ferdinand’s obnoxious tweets and Paul Scholes’s continuous ‘badly timed’ tackles all reek of the stench of Manchester United.

United players are clearly encouraged to surround the referee but are they encouraged to continuously celebrate and goad opposition fans?  Bad sportsmanship appears to be a common theme in the United dressing room.

The media and press have had many agendas within football, whether it is to get a manager sacked or to make you think England might win the World Cup. You will hardly ever read a bad word about Manchester United. Sky Sports will always try to gloss over any United wrongdoing, but of course they will, it’s not in their interest to annoy the majority of their subscribers. With such a large fan base newspapers are going to print stories that appeal to United fans not stories that wind them up.

If any one thing epitomises the abhorrent way Manchester United conduct their business, it would be the thuggish tackle Roy Keane subjected Alf-Inge Haaland to in a Manchester derby, this tackle eventually lead to Haaland’s retirement.  If that tackle doesn’t quite sum up this repungent club perhaps the wild karate kick that Eric Cantona launched at a Crystal Palace fan would be better.

I imagine many Manchester City, Liverpool, Leeds, Arsenal and Chelsea fans will agree with this whilst United fans will label me bitter and jealous of their success.

When Sergio Aguero scored against QPR at 93 minutes and 20 seconds it wasn’t just City fans celebrating. The Sunderland fans were doing the Poznan and cheers were heard from Stamford Bridge to Carrow Road when the result was announced. Nearly all of football were celebrating, not because they were happy for Manchester City – I’m sure some of these fans don’t even like City – but they were cheering in unison because of a shared hatred of Manchester United and everything they stand for.