by Chris Tobin

VALENTINE’S DAY –The day when one shows the love of one’s life how much they really mean, using this one day of the year for a momentary glance toward romance. Clandestine we covertly direct our inner thoughts in the guise of a card, whilst exchanging gifts to show our affection. More likely a moment to question that love, to doubt it, where suspicion raises its ugly head and reservations become enhanced.

Which nicely leads me on to “The love of my life” Liverpool Football Club – Well we have fallen out quite a lot lately, I feel like she is cheating on me with some other whom I shall call “The Dollar” where once I was the most important thing in her life, it would now seem not to be the case. I feel like I am being ignored or being taken advantage of where she expects me to pay for everything.

With every passing year she costs me more, my side of the bargain seems to have been reduced, and with every passing moment she seems to want me to buy a new frock to bring my wardrobe up to date – Red ones, Black ones, White ones it is getting like Joseph’s Multi-coloured coat, it actually got that bad that she tried getting me to buy one with BLUE in – she knows me andmall my friends dislike BLUE.

She has become furtive to the point of deceit; quite the mendacious madam. The fine looking lady that I fell head over heels for has changed, unrecognisable at times to the point where I find myself wondering what it was I saw in her so long ago.

This week Liverpool supporters were once again treated to mediocrity, in a season that has seen more than enough of such run of the mill displays the natives would not rest easily. Two steps forward with gutsy performances against Arsenal and Manchester City which should have yielded more than the two points gained would be followed by a below par display against West Bromwich Albion. Knee jerk reactions would ensue.

Honest and constructive criticism of Liverpool has become complicated and complex, wary that the great institute is already the standing joke amongst its greatest rivals and those not so great, many believe to support the club then blindness in that support is a factor in remaining a supper-fan. I tend to disagree.

Liverpool’s owners FSG are slow becoming another area for the fans anger – we have to appreciate that we have been here before and we have assumed the position of “Won’t Get Fooled Again”. Honesty with a slight piece of integrity is not a lot to ask.

I was always prepared to give the owners support, the support of a football fan to those who seem not – By their deeds you will know them, well they would rather stay away from Anfield in their support of our club and their franchise, for me that is the start of my problem – The Franchise.

If the franchise appears not to be working you can bet your bottom Dollar that these guys will change things and not always in ways that Liverpool are accustomed to, but we are fast learners after last season. When it suits FSG & Ian Ayre whom I include when I critique the owners, they will quickly shout out loud – Shirt deals, sponsorship deals and anything else that they believe will appease the masses disguised as more Dollar coming the clubs way. At the moment they are asked about a new stadium or renovation of Anfield. Silence is assumed.

The problem with such owners where trust is an issue for many fans it becomes a pandemic that ravages our club. It leads to mistrust of not only the owners but also managers, the case with Roy Hodgson and now with Brendan Rodgers. The fans are quick to jump up and down stamping their feet asking for heads to roll whilst oblivious to how we are being perceived – I like Rodgers and not for a moment have I thought he should be removed from his position, moreover I believe we should stand by him for the duration of his three year contract, has he made errors? Of course but so have many more with lots more experience.

It is worth remembering where we are, where we stand at this moment in our history – Transition, not on the precipice as some would have us believe. We are not a top 4 side or squad, we lack experience and constantly seem to be lacking when it comes to consistency. When we do play with the correct intensity and attitude we are more than capable of performing with the very best sides, we are not capable of sustaining a full on assault of the top 4, Brendan Rodgers should have accepted that on all the occasions he tells the World we can finish fourth – He makes our lives & his much more difficult – One game at a time please Brendan.

My frustration is with FSG who seem reticent toward the club which in turn makes me feel like I am being sold Horse Meat!! The reality seems that they are not interested in guiding the club, other than from behind a big desk in Boston and with that the relationship has no foundation.

Please don’t expect a card this year Liverpool or John W Henry – Roses are Red…….

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