by Darren Walsh

Spine-tingling moments as the crowd sing You’ll Never Walk Alone. Adrian Chiles says that he shouldn’t be talking over it; well don’t then!

Clive Tyldsley’s first words among the noise of Celtic Park: “Can anyone hear me?” Unfortunately, yes.

Efi Ambrose is at centre-back for Celtic; there’s a chance that he may still be drunk or hung over after winning the African Nations Cup on Sunday.

Very Italian defending from Juventus, lots of holding and pulling at corners.

100mph start for Celtic, but one ball over the top of their defence causes trouble for Ambrose and Matri scores. Not sure if the goal is given, even though it’s over the line. Marchisio makes sure anyway, as he is first to the rebound to slam home.

Plenty of Celtic shots raining in, but they’ve all been close to Buffon.

Seems like Marchisio is being credited with the goal; why didn’t the goal line official give……ah forget it.

Big chance for Commons, the bounce beats him a little though.

Nice to see Caceres keeping up the ponytail quota for Juventus since Mauro Camoranesi left.

Pirlo and Scott Brown have a little argument; the next time the Italian gets the ball, he shrugs Brown off and delivers a defence-splitting pass. Probably would be wise not to get him TOO mad….

The standard of crossing from Celtic, especially from the full-backs, is probably the best I’ve seen from any team this season. Commons almost finds the far corner with a bicycle kick from the latest delivery by Lustig.

Impeccable timing from the director as we get a shot of the Juve fans; one chap is flicking his middle fingers to all and sundry at the time.

Buffon is trying to play the ball out from the back every time, but he keeps playing it to the right and putting Barzagli in trouble.

Half time, and the usual bet365 ads are on. Hooper to score next at 9/1? Might be a better bet for to be sent off. Not that he should be of course, just that if I was him, I might have separated Lichtsteiner’s head from his shoulders by now.

I’ve just seen a McDonald’s ad that has rendered me speechless. There is nothing they won’t do to sell chips.

15 minutes into the second half, and it’s all Celtic. Referee is very hesitant to give any free kicks in the Juve half; instead he calls soft ones away from goal when giving advantage would be better.

Ambrose almost redeems himself, has a free header in the middle of goal but nods it straight at Buffon. That was the big chance, wasn’t it?

Of all the players who could have down with cramp, I wouldn’t have guessed that it would be a Juve one.

For all the build-up to the last two corners, they’ve had a disappointing end with Buffon catching both deliveries easily.

While Matri was rightfully given the first goal in the end, this one is definitely Marchisio’s, as he takes a first time pass in stride, cuts inside and finds a near post finish. Unjust, but almost certainly tie over.

Poznan-style celebration from a small pocket of Juve fans. It needs a lot more participating for the full effect, I feel.

Well that’s Ambrose’s night topped off. He dawdles on the ball outside his own area, loses it to Marchisio who finds Vucinic for the third goal.

Adrian Chiles describes each pundit’s emotion after the match, with Roy Keane as “angry”. Is he ever anything else?

In his closing words, Chile speaks so low that he’s almost inaudible. His tone suggests that he’s commenting on the proceedings of a state funeral.

So what can Celtic do now? They may well be able to score a goal or two in Turin, but is a 0-3 win possible? Very unlikely, and a shame that such an exciting campaign will end in a whimper.