by Darren Walsh

Paul Dickov on the ITV panel? Surely that’s the last place he’d want to be after being sacked by Oldham the other week?

Adrian Chiles: “So Oldham have really picked up league form lately…” Dickov must be ready to roundhouse kick him already. At least

Lee Dixon has calmed down since his meltdown over Arsenal last week.

So what does David Moyes say that he wants? “Goals.” Nikica Jelavic: you’ve just been called out.

We go to ads as the teams are walking out, which denies me the chance to hear more of the Z-Cars tune. Gah.

The public service announcement over the P.A. system about Oldham fans standing up is broadcast so loudly that I’d almost swear it applies to anyone watching on TV too. No question that everyone heard it at least.

Clive Tyldesley is really playing up the angle of Matt Smith winning the game for Oldham from the bench, saying that it could be the night for a big powerful striker. He seems to have forgotten that Chris Iwelumo is on the field.

Hmm not quite the classic set-up for a cup tie now, as Gibson hits the Corridor of Uncertainty with his cross and Mirallas directs it home.

Almost an instant reply as Jose Baxter hits the inside of the post with a curler; would have been nice for the former Everton man.

Gibson then gets in the way of the clearance and really could have been called for handball in the penalty area.

I hear there’s a game in Spain tonight, and it’s also in a cup competition. I’m sure there’s more quality so far in this contest though.

Soon after, there’s a similar penalty appeal for Everton, and they get it. Baines just about gets the ball under the keeper into the net, and it’s 2-0.

It’s half time and hard to see any way back for Oldham. Although after their cup run so far a turnaround probably can’t be ruled out.

So David Beckham is doing some advertising for Sainsbury’s now. As for Samsung, they obviously want to mention their sponsoring of Chelsea. Unfortunately they use a picture of Fernando Torres in the ad; surely they want to portray themselves as successful?

Mostly talk of the penalty situations in the studio; there’s been two for each team, with just one given. Chiles asks Dickov what he thinks of one of them before the clip is shown; there is a predictable silence until we and Dickov himself realise which one he’s talking about.

Ten minutes into the second half, and Smith is on. Straight away he makes an impact, winning a few headers and set-piece opportunities.

Game is sealed as Leon Osman curls in a cross, Jelavic doesn’t connect but he puts off the keeper and it goes into the far corner. There was a huge roar as the fans thought he had finally broken his drought, but when it’s announced that Osman is the scorer the jubilation isn’t quite as strong.

Straight back up the other end, Oldham have a corner and Smith easily meets it to head in. The comeback is on!! Maybe.

After a few rough challenges, Tim Howard takes another when going for a high ball. Takes a while to get up from this one.

Baxter really is desperate to score against his old team, keeps shooting even when he doesn’t have room.

No more drama as the game ends, so it’ll be Everton meeting Wigan in the quarter final.

Leighton Baines and Leon Osman are interviewed; Gabriel Clarke asks about the penalty appeal that Oldham had and Baines gives the usual “didn’t see it” answer that footballers use. However, Clarke doesn’t leave it there and tells him it probably should have been given. Not much point haranguing the players for a referee’s mistake.

Gabriel isn’t finished stirring things up, as he interviews Matt Smith and tries to goad him into complaining about not starting the game.

The striker doesn’t go for it though, and gives a pretty general answer. I guess since there was a lack of excitement tonight compared to other recent cup ties, the talking points have to be manufactured. However, just like the game, it doesn’t really come off.