by Darren Walsh

It’s looking pretty good for Bayern Munich; Pep Guardiola taking over in the summer, as well as Mario Gotze announcing his arrival too. It’s all brilliant, well, apart from Uli Hoeness’ “legal troubles”. Probably shouldn’t be commenting on other people’s matters so much when you’re breaking the law yourself, eh Uli?

Mandzukic is suspended, so Mario Gomez takes his place. I’m just glad I’m not depending on him to score. Again.

Sniffy question from the ITV reporter to Phillipp Lahm at the press conference, asking if he knew what ‘chokers’ meant. Lahm shuts him down by saying he’s never heard it.

Gerard Pique has gotten rid of his hair. Makes him look tougher at least, but not sure if it will help him recover his form from a few years ago.

Very raggy scarf that Tito Villanova is wearing; Pep would never had made such an oversight!

Dante could let the ball run out for a goal kick, but instead controls it and clears long to give Barca the ball back. Leads to a corner in the end.

Hasn’t rained in Munich today, but water is kicking up in parts of the field. It was either team orders, or the groundsman was a little overenthusiastic.

Pique blocks a Lahm shot with his arm in the area, could have been given.

We get a close up shot of a wistful Munich fan looking on through bars, as if he’s a convict thinking about his previous days as a free man.

Robben tries a short corner, but doesn’t run back onside in time to receive the ball back.

Barcelona are really pressing high, which makes sense as it’s not like Gomez is going to outpace them. Continental drift would be a sterner examination for the Catalan’s defence.

Robben with a good right footed cross, a first for him, which Dante heads back across goal and Muller meets it powerfully. The height and strength of the Munich team has proved itself.

A techno version of Seven Nation Army is played to celebrate the goal. Any version of that song at a football game is played out by now.

Dante makes a vital touch on the ball to stop Messi scoring, Townsend thinks he was just lucky to avoid scoring an own goal. C’mon Andy, give him some credit!

Another penalty appeal for Bayern, and again it’s turned down. Sanchez’s arm was sticking out but Dante got a touch to the ball just before it, would have been harsh. The main point of that part of the action is that Barcelona can’t deal with the high ball into the box.

That’s obviously not news to football watchers, but the thing is that it’s a weakness that doesn’t often get exposed. Bayern have had eight corners to try and do damage.

Barcelona look too frustrated to do anything positive, they’re complaining to the referee even more than usual and launching into challenges. They’re not used to being hassled and harried out of their game like this.

Decent start to the half for Barcelona, passing better and Iniesta quickens the pace of an attack, but is called offside.

Once again Dani Alves finds himself against a much taller opponent at a corner, this time it’s Muller and he heads back towards goal for

Gomez to steer into the net. Probably offside but not spotted.

Better possession from Barcelona, but nothing is coming of it.

Ridiculous goal by Robben as Alba gets blocked off from tackling him by Muller. The whistle doesn’t go and Munich celebrate while Barcelona fume.

Bartra has a chance to reply, but doesn’t shoot with his left foot, instead tries to swivel and forgets where the goal is, firing high and wide.

Still the chances come for Munich, and Muller notches his second as he slides in to convert an Alaba cross. The Allianz Stadium is in raptures.

Alba throws the ball at Robben’s face to earn himself a booking, and will be suspended for the second leg.

So we have what is surely a semi-final exit for Barcelona, notwithstanding the second leg. Their weaknesses were exposed ruthlessly by Munich, and combined with Messi being patently not fit it has added up to being one of Barcelona’s worst ever European nights.