by Darren Walsh
So Roy Keane is asked whether Madrid can come back.  “No” is the answer.  Ok, let’s wrap it up then.
Very short odds though on Madrid going through; it’s almost like the bookies know something we don’t.
Madrid fans have plastered the outside of the stadium in inspirational messages.  We’re not told if Jose’s P45 has been added to them.
Jose says that he won’t talk much to the players before they leave the changing room.  I’m reminded of Brian Clough staying silent before extra time of the 1991 FA Cup Final, and that didn’t end well either.
Plenty of optimism from Adrian Chiles that Madrid will score three goals.  I pretty much agree, but the problem is that they won’t be able to keep them out at the other end.
Howard Webb is the referee; not the best choice if we want the officials not to be swayed by a large home crowd.
Weidenfeller with a one on one save from Higuain, was a bit of a scuffed shot anyway.
Drama at both ends as Lewandowski mishits a side volley, then Ronaldo pokes straight at Weidenfeller from close range.
Another one on one for Madrid that Ozil drags wide of the near post, terrible finish.
Lewandowski and Ramos compete for a cross, and when they both fall the Spanish international has to have a few words.  Ramos comes back with a few sneaky elbows when contesting goal kicks with the Polish striker.  It’s all that Ramos is good for, because he sure can’t play football.
If Di Maria avoids the first man with a cross, it’ll be the first time all game.
Clive Tyldesley tells us that Ronaldo was dealing with a slight injury a few days before the game, as well as “bedroom allegations”.  First I’ve heard of it, but then I follow the football and not the gossip columns like Clive does with his favourite player.
Adrian Chiles desperately holds onto his notes as the wind blows while he asks the questions at half time.  He’s bad enough at presenting when he has all the help, never mind if he loses everything.
Lewandowski shanks horribly from 8 yards out after receiving a cutback cross, then is played through on the counter attack and crashes against the underside of the bar.  More chances will surely come while Madrid pile forward; they can make things a lot more comfortable for themselves.
I was going to say that Benzema can’t possibly be as bad as Higuain has been tonight, then he had to make a sudden move towards the ball and looked like an oil tanker changing direction.
If there’s any justice, Ramos will get sent off tonight.  He’ll almost certainly take a Dortmund player with him though, probably on a stretcher.  Knowing Howard Webb of course, he’ll do anything he can to avoid brandishing a red card.  Xabi Alonso should aim a kung fu kick at someone just to see how consistent he is.
Lewandowski could have had another four tonight, this time his shot is blocked by Essien.  Soon after Ramos finally gets booked for what seems like his 100th foul.
After so many lofted crosses, Madrid finally fire one across goal and Benzema taps in.  Almost certainly too late though.
Free kick from Ozil that Weidenfeller punches and follows through on Ramos to clatter him across the head.  Well that’s my night made.
Clive says that Modric has put in a tireless performance, just moments after he went down with cramp.
And now a second goal, as Ramos boots it in at the near post.
The fourth official forgets to display the numbers for a Dortmund sub as we enter stoppage time, and it means we don’t have the amount of time added on either.
Clive and Andy complain about not seeing the time allowed on, while we see it on the screen.
Not great professionalism from Dortmund, as they should hold the ball in the corner but instead try to be expansive and switch play.
It’s enough though, as time runs out and Dortmund book their place in the final.
Mourinho’s interview is plodding along with the usual platitudes until he turns on Howard Webb for not sending off Mats Hummels, for an incident that I can’t even think of.  He’s also led into discussing his future by Gabriel Clarke, who asks if he’s ready for another try at Europe with Madrid.  “Maybe not.” is the reply.  Jose you tease.  He also says he wants to be somewhere where he’s loved, which is only one place in my book.  Gonna be interesting if Chelsea don’t finish in the top four though.
But all of that is for another day.  All that matters now is that Borussia Dortmund have a chance to win their second Champion’s League, and most likely against countrymen Bayern Munich.  Having said that, Madrid almost turned the tie around tonight.  Can Messi and the boys come as close, or do better?  Tomorrow night, we’ll find out.