Jamie Morrison offers a way forward for a league in crisis.

As a fan of Scottish football for over 20 years, this last year has got to be the worst I have witnessed in my lifetime. In the last twelve months we have seen Rangers FC go into administration followed by liquidation, Hearts on the brink of closure and other Scottish clubs logging audited reports showing a loss.

Scottish football is in decline and the current economic climate doesn’t help, with clubs charging inflated ticket prices for sub-standard performances. The thought of paying £20+ to go and watch your club under achieve in adverse weather conditions is scandalous

But the question on the minds of all Scottish football clubs fans is : Can & How will Scottish football survive? YES it can and I will discuss my views on how to save it.

• A more equal distribution of tv revenue and sponsorship money to all Scottish clubs and not just the big names

• Reduction in ticket prices making it more affordable for clubs fans to attend home and away matches, also make events at half time to attract more families to the matches.

• Minimum amount of home grown players to be registered as this gives us more chance of a brighter future for our national side.

• Reconstruction of our leagues and reform our governing bodies to merge into one, top league of 20 makes it more competitive.

• Playoffs added at the end of each season to determine if club goes up or stays in its current league ( Already been introduced )

The above points I have made are the ones I feel are vital and will bring the best changes to the current Scottish football setup and hopefully produce a brighter and stable future for all Scottish clubs, on the basis all clubs spend within their means.

If Scottish football is to become stable once again and produce sides who can compete at European level then the governing bodies need to be pressing companies paying sponsorship money to pay more and tv revenue to provide more lucrative contracts.

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