by Chris Tobin

For those who do not know Reginald D Hunter is an American satirist and comedian. I might add for me he happens to be rather funny. He deals with mainly social observational comedy.

If I decided to book Reginald clearly I would understand what I was getting involved in. I would be under no illusions as to the type of comedy I was in store for. Let us however assume I had no idea who Reginald D Hunter was, quickly I would research him and my investigation would lead to such show titles as –

“Pride & Prejudice ……and Niggas”

“Trophy Nigga”

And his current offering in its current tour of Ireland “A work in progress…. & Niggas”

So let us assume I wish to book Reg (I call him Reg as we are friends on Twitter, having interacted once). The trepidation that would probably be consuming me would be whether my audience would get his humour and not for a moment would I be concerned that he may use the “N” which it is commonly known as, amongst me and my honky white friends.

So the PFA Professional Footballers Association in their wisdom decided to book Reg for their awards evening recently. This an organisation dogged by controversial incidents of a racist nature by its members, finding itself on the back foot in the fight against racists and racist behaviour.

Unbelievably Reg’s set was littered with the “N” word – Who would have known?

A room full of professional footballers chuckled their tiny heads off, rather nervously if we are to believe the media bandwagon which seems intent on sending Reginald down to the cells, or perhaps tied to a tree to be lashed by his master.

The irony of an organisation that has in the past has had members with an array of social problems – alcoholics, drug abusers, criminals and of course racists. Not to mention the odd rapist amongst its sexual deviants. They seem quick in their condemnation of a man trying to earn a living doing what he does, whilst unable to see their own failings – accept some responsibility.

The moral high ground continually taken by football, footballers and its governing bodies is reprehensible; I assume they believe we are taking them seriously? Multimillionaire footballers mollycoddled by an association intent on giving itself purpose and relevance, protecting it’s self-promotion in the process.

Now the PFA have assumed the role of sinned against with Reginald D Hunter the sinner. If we are to believe those high ranking mouth pieces from the PFA the pursuit of Reg and his fee is being undertaken, Hunter being hunted. More interesting is the fact that not one professional footballer has come out and condemned Reg; although this cannot be seen as an endorsement they could be out dogging or roasting young impressionable girls from Manchester.

You have to respect the arrogance of these bloody-minded folk as they assume the position of dominating regulator in the defence of it racism stance and the irony of trying to make a black man work for nothing, particularly as Reginald D Hunter has attempted to himself perpetuate his own anti-racism message in the reclamation of that word – The “N” one.

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