by Jamie Morrison

On the 14th of May 2013 Manchester City announced the clubs decision to release Roberto Mancini from his Manager position. The club stated Mancini “had failed to achieve any of the club’s targets, with the exception of qualification for next season’s Champions League”.

There has been mixed reviews from around the country with many seeing the clubs decision to sack Mancini as a step in the right direction although, there are just as many feeling Mancini should have been given at least another year having unforgettably lead Man City to their first top-flight league title in 44 years,reached the FA cup final 2013 and coming second in the league to Manchester United in 2013.

In this article I will be weighing up the pro’s and con’s regarding the dismissal of Roberto Mancini and giving my opinion on the next step for Manchester City from a neutral point of view.

• Pro’s •

New Tactical Style – With Roberto Mancini now gone this gives the club the freedom to approach a new manager with different tactical views and playing styles. They will be hoping to have the negotiations wrapped up sooner rather than later as this will give the new manager the Pre-Season friendlies to experiment and find his favoured line up.

Transfer Targets
If previous funds available to managers in previous transfer markets are anything to go by then the new boss will have substantial funding to target players he feels could make an impact on the current squad. The new manager will as always have his favourite types of players and will already have a vague idea of who he would like to bring in.

Staff And Player Respect
Towards then end of Mancini’s time at City both players and staff lost a lot of respect for him and some labelled him as “arrogant” and “rude” with players claiming his man-management skills where somewhat below par. The new manager will have the opportunity to build new relationships with the current staff and players and hopefully bring some harmony back amongst the dressing room.

• Con’s •

No Premier League Experience
With a new manager coming in there is always speculation as to whom it shall be but it will be a huge risk in my eyes if the Man City money men appoint a manager who has no previous Premier League experience. Many managers often underestimate the smaller clubs in the league despite them being known to pull off some results that shock everyone. The only positive is that Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City will all be under new management so there is no run away favourite until the season gets under way.

Now I’m not saying that the fans are a bad thing because that would be totally wrong – the fans are the clubs heartbeat – but a new manager may take time to find his feet at the club and sometimes supporters can become very impatient very quickly if the club is not getting the results they expect.

With a new, fresh face in charge at the Etihad the media will be ready to pounce with the negative jibes and comments regarding the new manager if he does as many will expect need time to settle in to his new surroundings. The British media are bad enough without ammunition but given poor results or arguments amongst players and staff the media will come down on the new man like a ton of bricks.

Well as you can see I have listed a few of what I think are the main pro’s and con’s of Roberto Mancini’s dismissal but if you feel I have missed one that should be up there with the important ones then do not hesitate to let me know.

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