There are so many season previews out there right now and they all follow the same format. So at the Cutter we thought we’d try something a bit different and move away from the optimism and bias from fans answering on their own team and instead concentrate on the negativity and hatred that makes football what it is!

The first in our series has lifelong City fan Ahsan Naeem evaluating the campaign ahead for Manchester United.

Which player do you reluctantly admire?

Wazza. My favourite undercover scouser.

Which player do you out-and-out despise and why?

Giggs for being the kind of man that sleeps with his brother’s ugly wife. Because he can.

What’s the best-case (ie worst-case) outcome for them this season?

They lose the league to City with the last kick of the season.  Again.

How would you assess their transfer activity?

The same way I’d assess Wazza’s fitness regime.

Beneath the bravado are there any lingering concerns?

Yes. In Van Persie they have a bona fide match winner who isn’t an unprofessional beer swilling stereophonics loving scouser.

Do they have the right (ie wrong) man in the hot-seat?

No. Moyes will do well over time. They do however have the right chief executive in Edward the equalizer Woodward. As their transfer business so far this summer attests to.

What would you personally sacrifice to see them relegated?Nothing. I’d prefer to laugh at them up close and personal.