It’s been more eagerly anticipated than a Pippa Middleton workout DVD and now, finally, after months of hype, rumour, and thumb-twitching it’s here….FIFA 14!

Bigger, brasher, and even more incredibly detailed than ever the FIFA series has become a benchmark of what is possible in the virtual sporting world, smashing a multitude of records along the way.

Its release more than warrants today’s Cutter special and while the gamers are queuing frantically to get their grubby mitts on the precious disc we thought we’d celebrate the franchise’s amazing achievements in numbers. It’s in the game.

·         FIFA franchise has generated more than $6 billion USD since it began in 1993. It is the biggest selling franchise in EA history.

·         FIFA 13 was the biggest game launch in the history of sports videogames, selling more than 4.5 million games in the first 5 days, led by more than 1.23 million games sold in the first 48 hours in the United Kingdom. FIFA 13 is only the second videogame franchise ever to sell more than 1 million units in the UK within just 1 day.

·         FIFA 13 was the No. 1 selling game in 43 countries around the world the week it launched

·         On September 30, 2012, three days after FIFA 13 launched worldwide, EA recorded the busiest day for online gaming for a single title in its history.  There were 810,000 fans playing FIFA 13 simultaneously.

·         FIFA fans spend more time playing the game than the average person spends on Facebook (57 minutes per day versus 46 minutes)

·         FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular game mode within FIFA. Average Number of FIFA Ultimate Team games played daily: 3.4 million

·         Average Number of players transferred on the FIFA Ultimate Team Transfer Market: 17.1 million

·         The FIFA franchise is developed at EA’s largest development studio at EA Canada in Burnaby, British Columbia, by a global team comprised of 21 different nationalities.

·         FIFA products are localized into 16 different languages and sold in 51 countries.

·         FIFA 14 will release on 14 unique platforms.

·         Number of licensed Leagues in FIFA 14: 33

·         Number of Clubs in FIFA 14: 635

·         Number of Stadiums in FIFA 14: 71

·         Number of authentic balls in FIFA 14:  55

·         Number of authentic boots in FIFA 14: 95




·         Number of FIFA 13 online games played to date: 2.3 billion

·         Number of FIFA 13 online games played daily: 6,856,351

·         Most popular club in EAS Football Club: FC Barcelona with 1,696,507 fans

·         FC Barcelona and Real Madrid have played 30,303,900 matches and RM has won 44% of the matches (13,452,853). FCB has won 10,421,361 matches (34%)

·         Total goals scored in FIFA 13: 4,546,877,355

·         Average number of goals scored daily; 13,373,169