FIFA Ultimate Team Legends was released on Xbox One last week, so I’m using this column to look at some of my favourite legends of the game. “Legend” isn’t all about technical ability and skill, it’s about impact. Obviously skill has a big factor but achievements, longevity, success, impact upon individuals around them, leadership, whether they’re captains… all those things gets thrown into the mix to bring together the word. But the three players I’ve named, I am very comfortable using the word “legend” in describing: Bryan Robson, Zico, and Paolo Maldini.

Bryan Robson:
If you asked me what constitutes a hero, when you’re younger it’s always that person that makes you want to follow in their footsteps. The person who you want to be like. Growing up I was a huge Manchester United fan and, at the time Bryan Robson was captain of England and Manchester United. He was the best player, and the most important player, in the country.

Every single challenge he went in for was as if his life seemed to depend on it. He seemed as though he cared all the time, he was a huge driving force for his country and his club. When I went to watch Manchester United I could see he was giving his all every time I looked down on the pitch. That’s what I aspired to be as I got older, someone who was committed to the cause.…

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