Vincent Tan hasn’t particularly covered himself in glory recently.  To be fair I think the whole episode between him and Malky Mackay was just unsavoury, and it wasn’t good for football.  The saga was protracted, it was in public, and it didn’t portray anybody in a good light at all.  What I know about Ole Gunnar Solskjӕr is that he’s studious, he’s intelligent and he’s clever. Knowing him as an individual, he’ll have everything squared off at his end to make sure that he’s able to manage the club in absolutely the way that he wants to, and I’m sure that he won’t accept any interference.

A lot of owners are currently trying to look at something different.  They’re willing to take a chance on younger coaches. For me it’s a positive step, Ole loves English football and he loves the Premier League. I think he’s turned down one or two jobs, maybe more, in the top flight of English football in the last couple of years that haven’t been right for him because of timing. The thing for me about Ole is that there is a ‘sensibleness’ about him that he seems to be in control of his pathway, rather than the pathway controlling him.

He decided that he was going to work at Manchester United in the reserve set up for a period of time to learn his trade and complete his badges. He then went into a job back in Norway outside of the spotlight of the Premier League…

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