by Daisy Cutter

Via the social media of your choice you may have recently seen a series of artwork that jolts the attention and amazes with its brilliance.

The Art Of Football seems to be everywhere right now and that’s because everyone wants to share these abstract depictions of mainly iconic moments in the game. They are creations so different and…well, ace, you instantly imagine them on your wall or chest as a t-shirt.

As a City fan what first caught my eye was this wonderfully conceptual take on Sergio Aguero’s unforgettable title-decider….

I wanted it.

But then I delved into the Art of Football website and I wanted that one…and this one…oh and definitely that one too!

With the quality and originality of the designs – and the fact that its marketing had led to the Cutter seeing tweets about them five times in one day – I’d assumed it was a rather large company behind it all, based in some rather large swanky studio/offices somewhere.

So it was a surprise to learnt that the Art of Football is made up of two brothers – Luke and Gabe Cuthbert. And that they were only 22 and 19 respectively.

Christ, if they’re doing stuff like this at that age what are they going to be knocking out when they’re forty!

Gabe is currently out in Brazil, promoting their two new World Cup collections – a series of England’s finest moments entitled Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Pele, Cruyff and co immortalised in World Cup Fever.

So we can expect even bigger and brighter things from these two Forest fans. Which will surely translate to even bigger and brighter things on the canvas.

Check out some of their work below or for a more comprehensive appreciation click on the link above.

Make sure your wallet is nearby.