With Qatar 2022 back in the news – and once again for all the wrong reasons – Susan Jardine questions the logic of FIFA’s universally mocked figurehead retaining power.

The 2014 World Cup has kicked off in Brazil, and it all seems to be kicking off behind the scenes regarding the saga of the 2022 World Cup.

Indeed the 2022 debacle looks to be in complete chaos with investigations and allegations hogging the headlines.

Cast your minds back to the day that Qatar were awarded the World Cup, beating off bids from Australia, Japan, South Korea and the USA. Since the day that Herr Blatter made the announcement debate and controversy have followed the decision as readily as day follows night.

There have been questions over the scheduling concerning when it is going to be held and how it will affect domestic European leagues. And now, there is a bizarre allegation from Blatter who has alleged comments concerning the Qatar bid are motivated by race.

Seriously what planet does this man live on?

Has it dawned on him that people may not be happy with the choice of Qatar for the 2022 world cup for a variety of reasons. To throw around accusations about racism regarding the discontent over Qatar’s selection without any proof in turn trivialises the whole issue regarding racism and discrimination in general

Going back to the day that Qatar were awarded the finals it then sparked debate about playing football in what would have been oppressive and ridiculous temperatures. To give you an idea the average temperature in June/July in Qatar is approximately 50 degrees celsius. Try running around in that for 90 plus minutes!

So with the outcry over the plans to host in the summer we then heard suggestions of holding it in the winter months. The problem is that this would then clash with European domestic leagues, in particular the Premiership. I doubt very much that Premier league managers would be happy for any of their key players to return home from World Cup duty with an injury after playing the game at its most intense.

With matters unresolved regarding the scheduling came a real bombshell just a week ago.

The Sunday Times alleged that Mohammed Bin Hamman, FIFA’s former vice president exchanged approximately £3million pounds to a number of football officials in return for support for the Qatar bid.

Qatar 2022 and Bin Hamman have denied the allegations.

The whole situation shows no sign of dissipating, and an investigation is being led by FIFA’s chief investigator Michael Garcia into the bidding process.

One has to wonder what the findings of the report will be.

Blatter is coming under increasing pressure but took a strange direction with his choice of comments when he said “There is a sort of storm against Fifa relating to the Qatar World Cup,” Blatter said. “Sadly there’s a great deal of discrimination and racism.”

So he how does he link the rumblings over Qatar being awarded the World Cup to discrimination and racism? To do so would appear to be a precarious path to walk. Is there any evidence to back up such an allegation?

The questions that should be asked is are we losing faith with FIFA? Is it now not time for a change? Sepp Blatter is completing his fourth term in office as FIFA President and has indicated he is interested in a fifth. What happens if the report is highly critical of the whole episode – would it be right for him to remain as President ? In that scenario would it not be better for him to resign?

UEFA President Michel Platini has also expressed his thoughts in terms of Blatter standing for a fifth term of office by saying “I do not support him, I am not in favour of him having a new term,” said Platini. “I told him. I think Fifa needs a new breath of fresh air.”

The key question is will Platini stand against the Swiss incumbent?

As we all know nothing lasts forever and reigns in office are not necessarily infinitum. With the revelation of Platini’s sentiments we now await to see how Blatter will react to it.

And what too of the 2022 hosts? What should happen to them if the allegations are found to be true? Is it right that they are confirmed as hosts or should they pay the penalty by forfeiting the world cup finals?

You may argue that it would be unfair to penalise the Qatar nation if there is found to be any wrongdoing. If so how can football move on from this unless some form of closure is found? One possible solution is to find a substitute venue. Maybe an answer is to re-run the vote without Qatar, which would allow those nations who submitted bids to be considered as hosts. Alternatively even select a venue that has the infrastructure in place which can host the tournament at short notice. Maybe even England as it would have the stadia required. Remember with 32 nations contesting the finals two venues per group may well be needed. The games could be staged at St James’s in Newcastle, Sunderland’s Stadium of Light. There is Old Trafford, Anfield, Ethihad, Villa Park, Nottingham’s City Ground, the Emirates in London, and that is just for starters, with Wembley staging the final.

Of course the decision is not ours to make, instead the matter remains in the hands of FIFA and hopefully a line can soon be drawn under the whole sorry episode.